July 13, 2018 … 1:03 P.M.

I write only infrequently about national politics. There is so much money to be made in that business that it has drawn thousands more talkers and writers than America needs.

Regardless, I spend hours each day and night reading and watching and otherwise studying (not to mention preparing for) what is happening to America.

My work is, as regular readers know, anti-corruption to the bone, and mainly targets government officials and other workers who take our money and then work diligently against good and right … and us.

There is a new poster child for my disgust. His name is Peter Strzok, a now-disgraced FBI boss.

Make no mistake, Strzok is not like other FBI agents, of whom I know many. Still, the U. S. Department of Justice is in deep trouble, and is dragging us there with it.

I sincerely hope everyone will watch any available record of Strzok’s testimony yesterday – under Oath! – to select committees of the U. S. House of Representatives.

This highly-paid government employee smirked and smiled and giggled and indignantly hollered into a microphone we pay for in an attempt to sell his innocence in a horribly destructive attack on what many of us, I well know, hold dear.

What Strzok said was absent any semblance of personal accountability, and a substantial part of it – the available public record purely proves – was outright lying.

Serial lying. Dumb-but-bold lying. Damnable lying, provable as such as he lied while lying.

In the process, he unveiled a breath-taking criminal conspiracy in the DOJ which may yet prove much more serious to America than Watergate.

Strzok’s testimony proved, broadened and deepened details of a conspiracy which worked to elect one criminally guilty candidate for president, then, when that attempt failed, overthrow the candidate instead elected.

To be clear, if the presidential candidate Strzok and his friends worked to politically hit was a Democrat, and the criminal other candidate a Republican, I would be writing precisely the same article with only that difference.

The seriousness of what we now know occurred should in no way be minimized. These facts are breath-taking, sickening and frightening.

Any who attempt to minimize Strzok’s criminal culpability only spotlight and condemn themselves. His plan was, after all, a veritable coup d’etat.

My fear for and about America can be no more real. After all, we have certainly seen and heard a leader of the other side … straight from his own mouth. Proof is proof.

Perilously, a huge number of Americans, led by much of our traditional news media, loudly support Strzok and what he worked so diligently to accomplish.

© 2018 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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