It’s a time-tested sort of event in the lives of, uh, “seniors” such as I: live and work long enough, and never-before, unthinkable, mind-twisting things happen …

… Adrian Perkins has announced that he is, in fact, running for the United States Senate seat now held by Senator Bill Cassidy.

May all of us remember and never forget, that Perkins does that when “his” city of Shreveport, Louisiana, is already very deeply wounded in its attempted delivery of any city’s most basic services …

… financial,

… public safety, and

… public health.

As Perkins’ term in office has featured from its very first day, he has been running Shreveport on the fly. Regardless, no city of this size is meant to go through the next four months with only phantoms – Democrat Party operatives – actually in charge.

None of those hirelings will, of course, have a clue as to the dangers Shreveport faces.

The conversation will now begin anew as to how Adrian Perkins was brought back to Shreveport some three years ago to “become” our mayor. Even now, more and more deeply into his term of office, none who know are talking.

Whatever those unknown facts, the known ones predict that his absence of care and concern about Shreveport will even more certainly bombard us now … as we the people continue to suffer our inability to do anything about it.

Yes, indeed, elections have consequences. No matter what happens in the one between Senator Cassidy and Perkins, the City of Shreveport and we who pay the taxes to keep it afloat will be of less and less concern to our elected “leader.”

Adrian Perkins just made it official: he has never cared one tiny bit about Shreveport. He was never here to care about Shreveport. He serves two masters: his political party and his ego.

© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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