Posted: Thursday, February 21, 2019 … 5:50 P.M.

It is, after all, no surprise. Given his total absence during Shreveport’s past fifteen-year swoon, plus the tax-and-spend religion of his political party and his sponsors, what we see is what we get.

Tax-happy Adrian Perkins thus lines Shreveporters up for a garbage tax / fee hike at a very bad time for the city and its shrinking population.

Still, in context, his unfitness for this duty is easily remedied.

Such is specifically and purposefully the function of the City Council … regardless the mayor’s failure.

Specifically, the City Council exists to control the city’s revenue / spending.

Taxpayers thus look to a four-or-more vote City Council majority to tell the mayor that raising taxes / fees is a mistake … not warranted … not right. Exactly as they did when they rejected Perkins’ $18-a-month version of this nastiness.

Sickeningly, the Council’s vote against the $18-a-month iteration of this crock was only to bid him down … not to do right by Shreveporters and kill this thing.

Now, Republican (yep) Councilman John Nickelson is set to push a $13-a-month version.

To understand the remedy, we look no further than the previous City Council. It did the right thing … by killing this taxpayer abuse outright … not merely playing political games with a mayor.

Back then, at the end of 2016, Mayor Ollie Tyler wanted to pass a $12.00-a-month garbage tax. Taking point for the tax hike was City Councilman Willie Bradford.

Reporting on that try for even more local taxes was Real Shreveport journalist Kaley Green …

“Mayor Tyler … did not, however, address many of the concerns raised by the public. Tyler continued to compare the proposed $12 fee with garbage collection fees of nearby cities, claiming Shreveport is the only one which does not charge for trash services.”

Here’s Councilman Bradford’s tax love …

“… In Shreveport there is a ‘built-in rejection to taxes and fees. … We can’t want the best things for this city but not want to pay for it.”
“… the City will soon need to revisit legislation like the garbage collection fee to move the City forward.”

Thank Goodness, though, the Sane Lobby was alive, well, and present, by City Councilman Michael Corbin:

“Corbin said he hopes the Council will be willing to roll its sleeves up to make the budget work without the fee increase. ‘We seem to be able to talk about budget cuts in the back room over coffee, but it disappears as soon as we step in here,’ Corbin said. ‘… I hope we will have some hard conversations to reduce this budget.’”

Yep, Mr. Corbin said it straight: “REDUCE this budget,” precisely what happened.

Now, it’s Perkins plus Councilmen Nickelson, Bradford, and Jerry Bowman, Jr., at least, leading the let’s-kick-taxpayers-in-the-head gang.

In fact, neither Perkins nor a four-vote majority of Council members have been in office long enough to gain the understanding of city spending … much less taxing us.

Council members certainly may take this $10 million or so from us. If so, it will be because it’s easiest … simply because they can …

… and because Perkins ordered them to.

© 2019 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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