Every time I decide there can be nothing new in the sad story of Shreveport’s collapsing government, something new spills out of Mayor Adrian Perkins’ latrine.

Now, it’s the almost unimaginable possibility that the City Council will, Tuesday-after-next, approve Perkins’ screamingly insane idea of borrowing $35,000,000 … for the heck of it.

Shreveport has not done this in the past, and even Perkins admits the money isn’t needed, as does his very own Chief Financial Officer, Sherricka Fields-Jones.

Council members opposed to the pending malfeasance – LeVette Fuller, Grayson Boucher and John Nickelson – have done their homework on the proposal, and their on-the-record comments reveal the kind of financial responsibility Perkins despises.

All that being said, here comes the best (which is to say, worst) part: these powers-that-be refuse to answer the most basic question …

… what is the money for?

Mayor Perkins WILL NOT answer that question, and neither will any of his staff or the City Council members he controls.

So, not only are Council members expected to vote “yes” because Perkins says so, but they must also play dumb on the only question that matters: what is Perkins really going to do with the money?

Not only is the money not needed, but Perkins totally ignores the cuts the City Council has already made in this context … upwards of $25,000,000.

On top, those doubtful about Perkins’ true intentions for the $35,000,000 have not been able to obtain requested, related documents.

Such enforced absence of transparency is a dependable sign of malfeasance in my experience. Another is the unwarranted verbal attack in the Council meeting from Perkins’ enforcer, Councilman Jerry Bowman, directed at Councilman Nickelson. Here is how The Times reported it:

“You can play games and kill the city if you want to,” Bowman said. “But it’s more at stake than what we’re looking at…I want to see the city do well and right now somebody is trying to kill it and they are wrong for what they’re doing. It’s not the time to play games right now…People will be calling for some service and we are not going to be able to do it. They are calling now, and we can’t do it. So, playing those political games today, I’m not here for that!”

So, to Bowman, Councilman Nickelson is an agent for “killing” the city. (Ironically, such a charge has legs in today’s City Hall, but those legs belong to the mayor.)

Bowman was joined in supporting this crock by Councilman James Green (no surprise there), and Councilwoman Tabitha Taylor.

Taylor’s support was a very real disappointment to many. Worse yet, her vote for Perkins’ mess may be locked in by virtue of her personal lobbying for a recently hired top level city official.

(I am included among those who has written / spoken supportively of Ms. Taylor, and hope this vote for Perkins pays her “debt” to him. I likewise reported how Perkins’ campaign payments to a very close relative of Councilman Jerry Bowman might lock his vote up … which it has.)

Now, attention turns to Councilman James Flurry’s determinative vote when this issue comes up again in the Council meeting in two weeks.

© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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