Not voting is not something I understand. ‘Never have … never will.
That said, I completely understand the validity of the “stuff happens” qualifier. I’m betting a lot of us chronic voters have missed an election day here and there over time for a host of good reasons.
Over the decades of voter turnout number-crunching, I have become more and more aware of the sophistication of vote-buying and other election-related lawbreaking. A lot of us are paying attention, I bet, to such matters in the aftermath of our November 3rd election.
Personally, I have never seen anything like this breakdown in enforcement of long-known and well understood, most basic laws.
Given that November’s ballot included our presidential election, the operative law is federal – enforced by our United States Attorney General, Department of Justice, FBI, etc.
The related law is not difficult to understand. (SEE law, Paragraph 2, below.)
Especially if the U. S. Senate run-offs in Georgia are likewise tainted / rigged / corrupt, I fully expect a dramatic drop in future voter turnout for President and the Congress, if not all elections.
Why? Because it is already difficult enough to get a huge minority of people to vote, especially those who are not somehow “compensated” to do so. Should America become just one more Third World-like nation in which everyone knows the election process is rigged, if not profitable, America’s world leadership will be over …
… period. …
… just one more corrupt nation.
* * * * * * * *
Here in Louisiana, President Trump defeated Joe Biden 58.5% to 39.9%. Against Hillary Clinton in 2016, Trump’s statewide vote was a bit lower, 58.1%.
In our Northwest parishes, Joe Biden carried Caddo 53% to 46%, but was strongly beaten, 70% to 29%, in Bossier Parish. President Trump was strong as well in DeSoto Parish, winning 62% to 37%, and in Webster Parish, winning 65% to 34%.
As in Bossier / Webster / DeSoto parishes, President Trump beat Biden in most of the state’s remaining urban centers: in Ouachita (Monroe) 61% to 37, in Rapides (Alexandria) 65% to 33%, in Calcasieu (Lake Charles) 67% to 31%, and in Lafayette Parish 63% to 35%.
As in Caddo Parish, Joe Biden beat President Trump in East Baton Rouge Parish, 56% to 42%, and hammered the President in Orleans Parish, 83% to 15%.
Louisiana voter turnout rose to 69.1% … +5.9% higher than in 2016. This time, among our 3,106,432 registered voters, 2,148,064 turned out and voted.
As I have written about repeatedly (since election night), those two Georgia elections for the United States Senate are urgently important … almost beyond measure. Regardless the outcome, if they again reek of voter fraud when it’s over, a large part of America will never trust this process again.
THAT is a game-changer for America. ‘Not a good one.
© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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