Friday, September 8, 2017 … 9:33 A.M. …

Former United States Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire must by rights be both seething and broken-hearted.

Unless Shreveport City Councilmen Oliver Jenkins and Michael Corbin have changes of heart, most Shreveporters soon will be, too.

As I often share on radio shows and in public speaking, I believe Senator Ayotte was one of America’s most impressive Senators. When defeated in her re-election bid last year, I was among the many election-reform hawks who took her loss almost personally.

Now, we learn, there is virtually no chance that Senator Ayotte’s officially recorded “defeat” by 1,017 votes ever happened.

Though the claims by many observers at the time that voter fraud “beat” her were cursed or otherwise ignored, the evidence is now in: more than 5,000 people who voted in New Hampshire did not even live there.

The Washington Times:

“According to the data, 6,540 people (who) registered to vote, and voted in the New Hampshire election, provided just out-of-state (drivers) license. Only 15 percent, roughly 1,014 of the voters, have since obtained the in-state license, while 200 other people had since registered a vehicle.” (SEE link below.)

Hillary Clinton was also officially recorded as “defeating” President Trump … by 2,736 votes.

With its argument handled from the jump by the Washington Post, the Democrat Party of course disputes that out-of-state residents who traveled into New Hampshire to vote illegally cost Republican statewide candidates the subject public offices.

For those of us who know Louisiana elections down to the bone, voter fraud has always been a scandal here. It has also always been accepted by officials responsible for stopping it.

Set to be committed next Tuesday is more of the same … against Shreveporters this time.

Simply by claiming she will, five years from now, finance her sports complex disaster with Revenue rather than General Obligation bonds, Tyler issued an edict: no public vote.

In her plan, Tyler leaves the determination about the bonding up to the project’s Bond Attorney, picked by Tyler and paid only if this outrage against right and common sense happens.

The fact is and will always remain: Tyler and the long line of those who will be financially blessed by her know this rank and rotten rigging would never be approved by Shreveport voters.

So, steal the CHANCE of an election … not just the election.

Then, turn it all over to the City Council … seven people … five of whom have already voted once to own this awful and dark moment in Shreveport history.

Tyler’s place in history is set, but left to be determined is which Council members join her in that chapter.

All eyes are on Councilmen Oliver Jenkins and Michael Corbin.

Other YES votes on the First Reading of the subject Resolution are Councilwoman Stephanie Lynch and Councilmen Jerry Bowman, Jr., and Jeff Everson.

May God help Shreveport.

© 2017 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Washington Times via Fox:

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