Many hours of reading and reaching-out to some of the smartest people on the subject leaves us a simple and direct question.

All else aside, and now knowing what America has learned over the past 48 hours, how can Obamacare NOT be the greatest social program con of the American people – ever – by our government?

Straight-up, facts only, has our government, with any social program in history, ever lied more provably, and repetitively, and loudly, and devastatingly, and with inarguable reckless disregard for those they swore oaths to serve and protect?

How do those innumerable politicians and their minions – who so provably lied from the very jump and by design – go about their daily business with their heads held up? How do they just keep shuffling around, being paid huge salaries by the same taxpayers they waylaid in our nation’s alley, knowing what they have done to any idea of public confidence in our government?

How does any government do such to so many working families? How? What does a family in Arizona do when premiums jump 145% in one year … especially the ones who receive no offsetting premium relief? In Louisiana, those increases will be a fraction of that obscenity, but still significant … again.

In the process, these who sold us out have denied America a recognizable economic recovery for a very long time … meaning an even longer “very long” time. Socialism in American may by then be our reality rather than “merely” our rising fear.

How many new lows as Americans are we willing to quietly endure? Do we do so because government now supports so many of us so completely? Is THAT what happened to America … to us?

As of 9:05 AM today, October 26, 2016, there are 324,791,279 Americans. How can so many be counted on to quietly accept such official lying … again … still … always? Where is our Congress?

Will we once again allow them to pit one ethnic group of us against another? The poor against the wealthy? The native against the newcomer? Woman against man? Young against old?

How will we allow them and their millions of lying mouthpieces to keep us silent this time, and harvest this latest crop of national dishonor? Will they have new tricks of propaganda this time, or just the same old, rotten ones?

More than anything, I write to say this: I hope we pay attention as our nation quietly accepts this … accepts how our government deals us this particularly awful hand from the bottom of the national deck.

Remember, we handed them our deck of cards, and allow them to deal us these cards.

We aren’t dead, no matter how much they have taken from us.

This is on us.

Elliott Stonecipher


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