To do this work, I read-research-write articles I believe are unquestionably worth your time to know and think about. It involves dozens of national, state and local sources.

At its core, the work is about finding, highlighting and sharing with readers ways to preserve America’s founding ideals … before it is too late.

It is rare that I find some piece of information immediately recognizable as more than merely important. Fortunately, this one is directly available for each of us to easily see and consider.

The credit here goes to Tucker Carlson and his team, and behavioral scientist Dr. Robert Epstein.

This may well end up being the most important video – requiring under 5-minutes of our time to watch – of my post-election work. Quite literally, it presents evidence of how Google “moved” a minimum of 6,000,000 voters in the presidential election, from what I call Center-Right to the political Left … to a vote for Joe Biden.

In the clip, these two discuss and detail a stealth voter fraud receiving almost no attention. When the election smoke clears, Dr. Epstein – himself a Democrat – is very likely to report that the number of votes Google intentionally “led” to Biden is far higher than 6,000,000:

In my America, Google and the others of its stripe would already – right now – be wrapped-up in a fight to hang-on to shells of their companies.

Google should be plying its trade from China, where that gang of godless thugs would feed on it in short order.

A much more honorable solution for honest folk, however, is for our Congress and U. S. Justice Department to neuter Google … to render it harmless by cutting off its untold billions in ill-gotten gains.

When I digested these facts, I easily entitled our predicament: America’s Center-Right is God-fearing, and up against Google … which believes it IS God.

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