Saturday, November 3, 2018 … 3:20 P.M.

Almost regardless of Tuesday’s Shreveport mayoral vote result, two related questions will be heard from many who care …

… who honestly believes Adrian Perkins is qualified to be mayor in any 200,000-ish population American city, and

… who is really behind the Republican Party splitting its vote?

I began researching and writing about answers to the first question last July. The surprise fact was included in my first such article (SEE link below):

… almost unbelievably, Adrian Perkins, a 32-year-old mayoral wannabe, had somehow never found time to vote … ever.

Since my article, more and more news media sources have spread – without crediting my research, of course – this very revealing fact.

Highlighted in the view of many is Perkins’ race … that as a would-be black leader, he is personally and particularly called to demonstrate a powerful respect for the right to vote.

By now, many other defects have come to light.

Perkins …

… did not bother to register until he entered the military, some four years after he qualified to vote at 18;

… not only never voted in Shreveport / Caddo, but has refused to discuss, much less produce related evidence, that he ever voted in the military or elsewhere;

… according to the Registrar of Voters, did not even vote in the Shreveport property tax election this past April, held two days after he qualified to run for mayor;

… owns a home, and presumably pays property taxes, in Georgia, but lives in his mother’s house in Shreveport;

… refuses to discuss how his military service disability, for which he is paid monthly, could effect his mayoral job performance.

The second marked feature of this campaign to date is the alleged decision of some local Republican leaders (over the objection of others) to split their party’s vote between candidates Lee O. Savage and Jim Taliaferro.

No qualified source is talking, of course, but the history of “leaders” in Shreveport making such arrangements is old and worn. Their method is one I have personally witnessed … from the other side.

Simply put, these “leaders” pick a mayoral candidate they believe will be controllable, then act as necessary to get her or him elected.

At first, it seemed this campaign would be a typical-for-Shreveport black vs. white candidate run-off, Democrat Tyler versus a Republican.

But this time Tyler seems not to be the choice of subject deciders, evidence of which is Perkins besting her in fund-raising through October 17th.

To some unknown number of subject local “leaders,” the Perkins story, if not the man himself, is their apparent choice.

They need for Republicans to split as necessary for a Tyler-Perkins run-off … a feat only Republicans themselves can accomplish.

Somehow, Republicans have managed to arrange / allow precisely what these “leaders” (and Democrats) needed.

Regardless, may the record show, Mr. Perkins is almost certain to (finally) vote …

… albeit for himself.

© 2018 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Stonecipher article, July 26, 2018:

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