Thursday, March 1, 2018 … 10:14 A.M.

When newly-appointed Caddo Parish School Board member Durwood Hendricks, Jr., took his oath of office at Tuesday’s meeting, he seems to have done so contrary to specifically applicable Louisiana law.

Louisiana law – R.S. 33:103, specifically (linked below) – prohibits “dual office holding.”

Since Tuesday’s swearing-in at the CPSB meeting (KTBS News link below), Mr. Hendricks is both the District 10 replacement for deceased board member Larry Ramsey, and – as far as the public can determine – Chairman of the Caddo Zoning Board of Appeals (SEE link below).

(For the record, I have never met Mr. Hendricks. I was in no way involved in his selection to serve on the CPSB or ZBA. I have not been contacted in any way by any other candidate to replace Mr. Ramsey.)

In pertinent part, Louisiana law provides that:

“C. All members of a commission, whether a parish or a municipal planning commission, shall serve without compensation, except as otherwise provided by this Paragraph or as otherwise provided by law, and SHALL HOLD NO OTHER PUBLIC OFFICE, except they may also serve as members of any duly constituted regional commission of which their parish or municipality forms a part.”

Yesterday, I emailed a related letter to Mr. Hendricks and three other CPSB members I believed might actually respond.

I received no response from Mr. Hendricks, or CPSB members John Albritton or Barry Rachal (in whose CPSB district I reside). Board member Susannah Pojak, herself an attorney, responded only as follows:

“I have forwarded your email to Reginald Abrams. He is the appropriate person to respond to your concerns.”

As many of us have learned, no CPSB member is (ever) likely to actually take a position on anything in the spirit of official transparency. Abrams is aggressively used and very highly paid with taxpayer money to minimize contact between elected CPSB members and the public.

It certainly seems that the subject state law means Mr. Hendricks was in violation the moment he took his CPSB oath of office on Tuesday.

… more later …

© 2018 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

1. Louisiana Revised Statutes 33:103:

2. KTBS News report of Tuesday, February 27, 2018, CPSB meeting:…/article_503427a6-1bd5-11e8-b825-fb73…

3. Shreveport / Caddo Parish Metropolitan Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals:

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