Monday, April 5, 2021 … 11:00 A.M.

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This article will be posted on for any who care to read it there. As always, I thank that website’s owner and sponsor, Will Broyles, for his unflinching, stellar support of my work here on Facebook over the past six years.
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As I wrote in my last post on February 9th, I am supposed to be on sabbatical leave from this page.

It never happened. As is its way, life intervened.

In the mere two months I have been absent, our family suffered the loss of a cherished man, our home area suffered epic damages from a snow and ice storm, and our nation learns more each day about its government’s hellish take-over by the political Left and its foreign sponsors.

Now, this Facebook platform / page is being fully exposed as a “plant” of that political Left. That company’s used-to-be confused role in undermining our American values is more and more obvious.

Time will reveal more and more facts of Facebook’s malfeasance. In any case, I can no longer participate in being here, on its platform.

I will continue my search for a workable replacement for this platform, and developments in that context will be posted in articles on

Be that as it may, there is simply no way for me to thank all the supporters of this work for their indescribable kindness … NO way. Your participation has meant far more to me than I can express.

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