Monday, December 19, 2016 … 8:48 A.M. …..

The Shreveport Times this morning continued its series on the Caddo Parish Commission’s heist of taxpayer money over more than two decades.

Frankly, I was shocked by comments in the article by local lawyer Tom Arceneaux. I am surprised I was surprised.

Regardless, this response is now demanded.

In the article, we learn that the three outside attorneys being paid to save Commissioners’ ill-gotten gains have now hit taxpayers for $139,000 … just for money into their pockets.

More to the point, lead attorney Arceneaux, (a “Community Editorialist” for The Times), takes the position that I and my lawsuit are the reason these attorneys have thus taken taxpayers to the cleaners.

Here is Arceneaux:

“A significant portion of the time that I spent on this case was caused by Mr. Stonecipher’s lawsuit demanding rulings that Mr. Stonecipher legally isn’t entitled to seek.”

Let me translate, in the real context of what is going on. In truth, here is what Arceneaux is saying:

“Stonecipher simply will not give up, roll-over to politics parading as law, and let Commissioners keep their more-than-two-decades of stolen taxpayer money.”

Neither I nor my pro bono partner in this two years of hell, Whitney Pesnell, had ANY expectation that corrupt Commissioners would hire any – much less three – outside attorneys at public cost to save what has been stolen from taxpayers.

Thus, here is my response to Arceneaux, real-time, on the record, as always:

“Mr. Arceneaux, where is your shame? Mr. Pesnell and I are working on our own dime … while we also pay our share of what you and your lawyer friends are billing. You know the lower court ruling was completely political – not at all about law! You know you are wrong, legally and morally, yet you continue putting on this clinic in public corruption.”

The solution is very simple: Commissioners give taxpayers our CPERS money back. That ends our lawsuit on CPERS.

That leaves the matter of money stolen over more than twenty years in illegal salary increases. A fight for another day.

For the record, everyone should know this: not one Caddo Commissioner has said, anywhere or anyhow, that Commissioners should give taxpayers our money back. Not one.

Again, here is their real, true and honest refrain:

“Dammit, Elliott, we stole it fair and square!”

© 2016 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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