As some readers know, I have been promising myself a long vacation – a sabbatical, I call it – for years. Somehow, I never managed to do it.

It was eight years ago that I began writing / posting these articles as the core of my work, first by use of email lists and a shared blog. Then, since mid-2015, I have posted 525 of my articles here on Facebook, with simultaneous posts on the website.

In addition, this work requires my time as necessary in meetings, phone calls, public speaking, correspondence, etc., etc. Usually, that part of this work focuses on defeating tax increases, spotlighting public corruption, and pushing voter interest and engagement.

Given the condition of our government (not to mention the Blessing of three grandbabies between us since 2017, with a fourth due soon), taking time off is anything but convenient. Still, it is past time for me to try.

Perhaps Facebook’s messing around with this page will miraculously end, too.

I will deactivate – not delete, of course – my FB page to prevent any mischief while I am gone.

Oh, one more thing: yes, I repeat, I have done every bit of this work wholly at my own expense. It is beyond sad to me that the opponents of this work cannot imagine anyone doing that.

* * * * *

For now, as a personal favor to me, please take 10 minutes to watch this clip from Tucker Carlson in which he delivers a screaming warning about the damage the Left and its Big Tech / Big Media outlaws are doing to us. Carlson is owed an extraordinary debt by all Americans. Here he is:

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