No doubt: the hits Americans have been forced to take this year were unthinkable before.

This article weaves what I see as top-line events into a working list of good and bad … just before Tuesday’s elections. Yes, I know: the damage has been, and continues to be, too wide and deep to account for in any abbreviation.

Other than our Vietnam War years, I have lived no single year during which Americans have been so politically and culturally “at war” with one another.

* * * * * * * *

1. COVID. It is a list of its own.

This worldwide killer is as universally awful as anything of which I am aware.

* * * * * * * *

2. Justice Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court

This is the sole “win” for the political Right in America’s worsening divide. Still, an effective 5-4 split in favor of that side of America is actually thin. Chief Justice Roberts is a toss-up, not a committed moderate-to-conservative vote. Too, the Left certainly intends to pack the Court, ASAP, though I doubt they can.

3. The politicalization of COVID

The use of Covid as a means to even more deeply divide Americans is beyond merely unthinkable. The politics for and against masks and “lockdowns” demonstrate the point. I doubt such would have occurred before our nation’s descent into interminable social / political warring.

4. The final politicalization of America’s mainstream media (“MSM”)

No, this is not an event specific to 2020, but the recent and admitted black-out of news reporting of Biden family corruption proved it beyond question. Any in the MSM who are NOT in on carrying the water for the Left should have stepped in to fully report those details before next Tuesday’s national election.

5. The raw and open and unchecked power of Big Tech’s Facebook / Twitter / Google

The hit America is taking from these offenders, a.k.a. “leaders” of the Left, is incalculable. If the legislation necessary to make them legally responsible for the damage they are doing does not quickly become law, the devastating cultural destruction for which they are responsible will merely accelerate. That is not culturally survivable.


The rampage through America by this left-wing warmonger may well takeover much of American life, most notably through systemic weakening of law enforcement. The riots for which it is responsible in 2020 have weakened the nation far, far more than the MSM and many in our government have the political will or courage to admit. Its rampaging cannot be allowed to continue, but who will stop it?

* * * * * * * *

Most offenders in this list are mega-players in next week’s election. As I write, the Left – including the Democrat Party, MSM, Big Tech, socialists, subject zillionaires and “leading” universities – has the opening to turn all of this into control of not only the House of Representatives, but the U. S. Senate and White House as well.

As I write, the current RealClear Politics “No Toss-Ups” call for the Senate is a 50-50 Republican / Senate split.

There is credible, widespread belief that election fraud may postpone certification of winners, possibly including the presidency, for an extended period.

© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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