Yes, I certainly could write an assortment of “Happy New Year!” salutes. Such is, after all, what we do up in the daytime on New Year’s Eve, correct?
But, not this year. Not this writer. More to the point, not this American.
The by-far most notable and urgently important accomplishment of 2020 for this particular American had almost nothing to do with me …
… I enter 2021 with those nearest and dearest to me still with me, with us … the living.
We are “officially” informed by way of our handy-dandy, online, government fact-spreader (dubious though it may be) that 1,810,000 people, worldwide, have succumbed to Covid-19 in this year of Our Lord 2020.
Among the dead are 343,000 Americans … including 7,448 Louisianans, and 516 residents of (my) Caddo Parish.
Included, too, is Luke Letlow, my state’s duly elected Member of the United States House of Representatives, 5th District … stricken before he was able to serve us, leaving his dearly loved wife and two small children without a spouse and father. A true child of God, Luke does not leave us without Christian notice and tearful loss.
Doubts about the accuracy / honesty of the subject statistics notwithstanding, I thank the Good Lord that no family member, other loved ones, or real and true personal friends of mine have been taken down by China’s “error” which has wiped-out those 1.8 million lives.
(I would be less than honest did I not note and appeal to God Almighty on behalf of the two who are near and truly dear to me who have tested Positive for Covid-19.)
As we awake tomorrow to the year of Our Lord 2021, we who stress “Our Lord” in that banne do so without blinders. A nation and a way of life we have long cherished is anything but safe. Such is what we, as a group, deserve, of course.
Many of us are awake, anew.
More of us continue sleeping, as always … at great risk to all.
My expectations of 2021 are nil … zero. My intentions are precisely the opposite.
History recognizes not only that which proved true, but also that which the faithful intended … not to mention accomplished.
“Happy New Year” will certainly, as always, be loudly heard in many, many places. ‘Not from me. I have no such expectations, my faith notwithstanding.
What I do have is a love of those dearest to me which cannot be explained … except among the Faithful and brave.
© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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