More public documents finally turned over in Shreveport water scandal

SHREVEPORT, La. – More documents are available for viewing a day after they were promised to be delivered by the City of Shreveport and weeks after they were legally due.  Private attorney Julie Lafargue turned them over early this afternoon.

After probing the first batch of documents, Real Shreveport questioned whether there were still some documents being withheld. Julie Lafargue, who has been hired to handle public records related to the water under-billing error, said she verified no documents are being held at this time.

Lafargue is also representing the City of Shreveport in the lawsuit filed by Sand Beach Properties, LLC.

Questions remain following the first batch of responsive documents. To see them, access this article.

We are making the rest of these documents public even as we are still reviewing them, because we want to inform the public in real time as this information becomes available.



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