Posted: Wednesday, August 14, 2019 … 11:16 A.M.

The critically important back-story on yesterday’s Shreveport City Council meeting concerns the vote of Councilman James Flurry in favor of Mayor Adrian Perkins’ $186,000,000 bond issue.

The Councilman’s vote gave Perkins precisely what he wanted, and when he wanted it.

Too, for a Republican to throw in with a Democrat mayor and three Democrat council members is very difficult for many to understand, or stomach.

I can now confirm, having spoken with Councilman Flurry this morning, that in the process of rigging this as is typical, Mayor Perkins and those working on his behalf acted to secure a job for Mr. Flurry.

The rigging necessary to ice the deal was already being applied on July 4th, the date Perkins sneaked the bond issue item onto the next Council meeting agenda.

The key date for Mr. Flurry is just four days later, July 8th. Then, according to the Councilman, his new job at Willis-Knighton Health System became fact.

Given the involved players, it is simply impossible to argue that Mr. Flurry could take that job then turn around and vote against Perkins (and his money grab).

That was NOT going to happen.

Importantly, and for the record, Councilman Flurry seems to wonder himself who knew what and when, and who did what to whom.

Players in getting the Councilman his job include, at a minimum, his “close, personal” friend Councilman Willie Bradford who also has a position at WKHS, former City Hall CAO Brian Crawford who is now a top guy at WKHS, and Mayor Perkins.

(I am told Perkins and WKHS’ James Elrod are, for other reasons, no longer pals.)

Very importantly to me, I received the news of this story from a very good friend outside of government and politics. I trust him implicitly … and his information was accurate.

No one in City Hall or at WKHS has contacted me throughout.

For the record, I do not believe I have any right to dig into details of Mr. Flurry’s need for the job at issue here. Anyone who cares to know more may reach out to him as I did.

I choose, on the other hand, to remind everyone of this fact …

… when I use words in my writing like “rigged,” I do not do so for chuckles and grins.

The noted rigging of Shreveport government has veritably killed this city. Such rigging is almost always early, irrevocable evidence of runaway, prosecutable corruption.

Our mayor and the others involved in this know all the details of what they did. They could not risk playing by the law and other rules … they had to cheat and rig and lie. They rummaged around for human need … found it … exploited it … to have their power and our money.

It all adds up to another new low for my hometown.

We must own this fact: this mayor did not sneak up on us. Many of us saw him coming and did what we could to stop this. For naught.

© 2019 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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