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Nope, there’s nothing new under the Shreveport sun … The relationship between Shreveport City Hall and the city’s downtown “leaders” is as tight as ever.

In my article last week, I put one example this way:

“As our City’s taxation machine grinds up more and more of us (think Detroit), the latest development is the endorsement of this bond issue by our Chamber of Commerce.
Typically, like endorsements follow from other such ‘leadership’ orgs as the Committee of 100, perhaps the North Louisiana Economic Partnership, Shreveport Times, and a few others.”

Sure enough, only two days later, downtown’s Committee of 100 endorsed the $186,000,000 bond issue, no matter that it was slapped together into a rigged / rushed package by Mayor Adrian Perkins (and his handlers).

From the Committee of 100’s endorsement statement, these comments are particularly surprising to me:

“We agree with the city administration’s rationale of investing taxpayer dollars in the projects identified in the proposal. The needs are apparent and have been clearly presented by the administration.”


“The mayor’s commitment to proper management and reporting is a key factor in our support for the bond issue.”

1. The Committee of 100, a core leadership fixture here since its founding in 1961, actually believes our mayor is committed to “proper management and reporting.” Few others of us, I am sure, share that confidence.

2. Our City’s massive debt load – owed only by those who pay property taxes – is of no stated or otherwise known concern to the Committee of 100.

3. The group says, “… the needs are apparent and have been clearly presented by the administration.” Such is impossible, of course, when any mayor is so dramatically unaware of the basics of governance, not to mention Shreveport’s collapse since he left here after high school.

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According to the Shreveport Times, the city’s African-American Chamber of Commerce has also endorsed the bond issue. It quotes Taylor Jamison, the group’s President, as saying …

“We feel the bond propositions are critical to our local economy and keep our amenities and offerings aligned with cities of our same size.”

Jamison notes that his nod came “After meeting with Mayor Perkins and his administration,” with no mention of anyone else attending such a meeting.

That black group’s endorsement notwithstanding, State Senator Greg Tarver is telling all who will listen that he is against both the bond issue – all three propositions – and Mayor Perkins, personally.

As many of us know, Tarver was an original Perkins promoter, but that changed when Perkins’ relationship with the senator’s daughter ended. Tarver has since filled-in many of the blanks about Perkins, none of them positive.

Perhaps most interesting in the bond issue campaign is the fight in and among Shreveport Police Department officials. New Police Chief Ben Raymond is campaigning for the bond issue harder than Mayor Perkins … not surprising given that SPD can score a mind-boggling $20,000,000 headquarters if that proposition passes.

On the other side is the Shreveport Police Officers’ Association, headed by Michael Carter, a finalist for police chief who lost out to Raymond.

Links to information about the Committee of 100 and the African-American Chamber of Commerce are included below.

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