Not unlike many others of you, I continue my bleary-eyed reading of articles and data which I believe best detail the historic American nightmare referred to as “Election Day 2020.”
(As I noted in my previous article, I depend on in finding most – but not all – articles I recommend to you, regardless the original source.)
It is clear to me that a mix of Left-sponsored electoral process rigging could have succeeded in its goal of removing President Trump …
… but, it is equally clear that many sources are succeeding in uncovering and explaining what was done … and, to the degree possible, who did it.
There are a LOT of very good researchers and journalists NOT on the Left, and their work continues to make its way to us.
Beyond the Trump presidency itself, THE story in all of this is the collapse in plain sight of many (remaining) long-time providers of American news.
Now, we must also pay attention to which of these corrupt sources may be providing our “news” when we don’t notice or expect it. (For example, I found “news” stories from CNN and NBC on the websites of all three Shreveport, Louisiana, television news stations this morning.)
As I have written since this nightmare took shape early a.m. on Election Day 2, the two U. S. Senate elections in Georgia on January 5th loom about as large as can be. That said, such is equally true of our Supreme Court should it favorably rule on any of the President’s lawsuits.
As Matt Vespa, the author of the first article listed below, puts it:
“Trump is still very much in ‘Hail Mary’ territory regarding pulling this out, but it’s no longer about this election. It’s about the next one. If Democrats can get away with these shenanigans this year, do you think they’ll stop?”
I recommend these articles to each of you:
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