MEDIA BLACKOUT: Shreveport media ignores thousands of concerned Shreveporters.

This past Saturday, a holiday weekend, was all but quiet on local social media in the world of local politics.  Elliott Stonecipher’s article about HB 667 hit with the warning about what State Rep. & likely future Mayoral Candidate Cedric Glover got past our Louisiana House of Representatives.  It’s a truly horrific piece of legislation intended to bombard taxpayers with a new wave of taxation attempts, the likes of which grow faster and more furious year over year in Shreveport.

The reaction was and continues to be strong and unheard of for a holiday weekend.  The site experienced a 400% increase in unique page viewers to its website.  Our servers crashed due to the volume of traffic all at once with hundreds of people circulating the article around social media in the first hours alone… all of that activity being fully organic in it’s spread across the local web.

The Real Shreveport Facebook page similarly experienced a 400% increase in number of people who “liked”our page this week alone, with our page reach increasing 236% and tens of thousands viewing our posts.

Further, reports from readers informed us that State Senators from Shreveport had been bombarded with phone calls and their voicemail boxes were quickly full this past Saturday.

Naturally, this kind of political reaction from the people deserved an appropriate response in the local media with coverage trying to pinpoint what local values were overflowing as a growing number of people are openly standing in the way of our corruption culture.  Two days later, we see ZERO mention of HB 667 in any of our local media outlets.

Shreveporters need to simply spend a couple of minutes pondering what that actually means.

Why did not one media outlet cover this legislative issue or the backlash against it?

There are no coincidences here.  Many here already well know that our local media has abandoned us in favor of providing cover for our corrupt politicians and their handlers who gain the most from them.  We’re all just getting the confirmation of abandonment when the media carefully ignores informing the public on critical information we must have.  There is a reason for their silence, although we’ll likely never be told what the official reason is.  You can bet there’s a pot of gold at the end of that quiet corruption rainbow the local media owners enjoy.

The good news is that while our media has abandoned the people, the people are increasingly abandoning the local media.  Our numbers are growing, and will continue to grow.  You simply cannot neglect the taxpaying masses who keep the lights on around our town.  Their hope seems dimmer, but those who capitalize on their sky-high tax burden have the tiger by the tail.  We’ll be here to make sure those taxpayers are teethed with information when, one way or another, they decide its time to chew up and spit out the corrupt political class rule strangling our city.

Also: My sincere thanks to Elliott Stonecipher for doing what the media will not do… exposing what is happening and keeping people in the fight against corruption.

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