Sunday … August 6, 2017 … 10:32 A.M. …

I hereby set aside my research into our local crime statistics to react to an editorial in today’s Shreveport Times, one which opens the door to a broader and increasingly important subject …

… Mayor Ollie Tyler’s epic bullying in response to any media reporting she does not like.

Though social media is our mayor’s favorite target, all media catches her hell.

Detailing this begins with the Times’ editorial, the subject of which is Suez North America’s proposal to take over the city’s water / sewer system.

The title of my July 26th article about that proposal perfectly stated my take: “A Big Fat ‘No!’ to Water-Sewer Proposal.” (SEE article link below.)

Today, the Times Editorial Board put it this way:

“We’ve mulled how to frame our reaction to the Suez offer in the most sober, reasonable, even-toned way possible. Here it is: Dumb, dumb, dumb.”

Thus, my point: our traditional and social media often agree. In fact, and as I then noted, my article stressed the rock-solid work of Shon Gables and Melody Brumble at KTBS News.

Here is the resulting and very important fact: our Mayor is anti-media – of any kind or sort or color or flavor – because she is, full-blown, as anti-transparency as it gets.

Mayor Tyler’s “I’ll tell you if and when I’m ready” conviction has marked her career in government. School system superintendent or mayor, it is who she is, and disserves us all.

Although Tyler’s bullying is based solely on whether or not she dislikes any report, it is only social media she publicly attacks. She bangs the table most about any who are what she decides is “negative” about our city.

Yes, I am a favorite target of such.

In fact, all such babble and drivel is our mayor’s knowing tap-dance to the cheap seats.

It is Shreveport’s history for the powers that be – the current ones of which picked Tyler to be mayor – to work behind the curtain to bully and silence any who reject their script.

In fact, I rejected decades ago because their script demands a devotion to the everyday-is-Christmas-in-Shreveport dogma which has supercharged our decline.

In turn, toeing that line provides political cover for anything and everything these local “leaders” want hidden … no matter how wrong or damaging doing so may be.

To Mayor Tyler and her devotees, I can – and have always – put it this way …

… there is no dishonor – never, ever – in opposing public corruption.

No Shreveporter has more loved or worked for our city’s honest people than have I.

Opposing our city’s runaway corruption is, in fact, code for “negativity” among both those who are themselves corrupt, and those who choose not to recognize and oppose the corrupt.

Meanwhile, the subject truth stares us down: this administration needs much, much more scrutiny, reporting, and criticism, not less … regardless of media source.

For openers, where – precisely – is our mayor on her very own water-sewer scandal? What depositions have been taken? What has thus been learned?

Leaking from City Hall is rapidly spreading word about broad and deep corruption there, and Mayor Tyler was elected to tell us the truth about it.

Bullying any and all who expose and report such facts dishonors her … and Shreveport.

© 2017 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

My July 26th article on Suez North America proposal:…/

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