Sunday, September 22, 2019 … 2:50 P.M.

Regardless excuses and dodges and rigging, Mayor Adrian Perkins should not have left town days before he and the City Council struggle with naming a new Police Chief.

Sadly, among the many I have heard from on the subject, no one expresses surprise that he did.

And for good reason. Not yet ten months into his mayoralty, Perkins routinely demonstrates that he has no skin in the Shreveport game.

Too, and separately, he in no way worries that his disregard for us and our struggling city has done, and continues to do, immeasurable damage.

As anger with this dereliction rises, those who supported his election – while attacking we who did not – are as responsible as the mayor.

Still, this man sneaked up on no one who could read.

Given the considerable number of newcomers to my articles since Perkins was elected last year, let me note a few of the facts I stressed.

… In one of my articles last September, three months before his election …

“From the jump, Perkins’ campaign has seemed strangely short on substance. He entered the race as a stand-in for State Senator Greg Tarver, but has not lived here for the past 15 years. Worse yet, he has never voted in any election in Shreveport / Caddo … or anywhere else, apparently. Now, Perkins is missing mayoral candidate forums.”

… Two months before that …

“According to parish Tax Assessor records, the domicile (address) provided by Perkins is the Southeast Shreveport home of a relative.”

… And, particularly notable now, this from a November article about Perkins and the selection of a new Police Chief …

“In the subject Civil Service exam, Crump scored 17 among 19 applicants, with well-respected veteran officer Ben Raymond scoring highest. (Former Mayor Ollie) Tyler has now named Raymond the department’s substitute Chief. Few will be surprised that his shot at being Chief may be hurt by his race … white. … Department sources are already hearing that Adrian Perkins is committed to appointing a black Chief of Police.”

But, thanks to his $186,000,000 bond issue monster set for a vote in two months, we may now hope Perkins and his handlers realize that an unfair nomination for Police Chief can sink that bond issue.

In the mix, too, is the possibility Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards will be elected outright in the primary vote October 12th. That would certainly dampen pro-tax turnout when bond issue votes are cast November 16th .

No matter any of this, though, Shreveport has three more years of a mayor who would rather be doing whatever his handlers next intend for him … anything not here.

Cities thriving in political and financial tall cotton do just fine with such a mayor. The opposite is true for cities facing the number and seriousness of Shreveport’s threats, notably including more and faster population / taxpayer out-migration.

Adrian Perkins won with 64% of the vote, an almost 2:1 margin, but with historically low turnout … 41% lower than in the like election in 2006, and 28% lower than in the last, 2014, mayoral vote.

That lack of enthusiasm will either morph into some kind of uprising against so much corruption and other rigging of local government, or else.

We who care know what “else” is. We’re living it.

© 2019 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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