Tuesday, September 3, 2019 … 11:11 A.M.

A few weeks ago, when the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce was accidentally outed as opposed to Mayor Adrian Perkins’ original $220,000,000 bond issue, the group specifically noted that there remain untouched such bond projects from the $175,000,000 haul in 2011.

Now, after Mayor Perkins convinced Republican City Council member James Flurry to cast the deciding Council vote which rushed this new bond debt monster to the November 16th ballot, we learn that bond issue projects – no telling how many – “made the list” outside the work of the Citizens Bond Study Committee.

To put this in context, here is what the subject page on City Hall’s “Meet the 2019 Citizens’ Bond Committee” asserts, totally contrary to Perkins’ now proven action:

“The Citizens’ Bond Committee ensures that bond proposals are subject to direct taxpayer review. The Mayor and each Councilperson appointed two members. This group of 16 volunteers analyzed the city’s needs and developed a bond package for City Council’s consideration.”

As published two days ago, Shreveport Times reporter and editor Scott Ferrell details what it took for Broadmoor’s Fire Station No. 11 to (very appropriately) make the list.

Try to follow this …

… New facilities to replace Fire Stations Nos. 11, 14 and 15 were on the Department’s and Citizen’s Committee bond issue list from the planning jump. There was no mystery surrounding that since it came directly from the Department’s master planning dating back to 1997.

… Regardless, a July 9th email from Perkins’ top staffer to City Council members omitted funding for Station 11. Specifically, Perkins included Stations 14 and 15, and cut Station 11.

(Station 11, oh by the way, is in the City Council district of John Nickelson, one of the hyper-rare, occasional opponents of this mayor.)

… Even when the total bond project list was “reduced” from $220,000,000 to $186,000,000, Station 11 was still a goner.

… Then, AFTER the bond issue was approved 4-3 by the City Council on August 13th, Station 11 was added.

… The addition of Station 11’s rebuild meant something else had to go. Supposedly, the bond issue projects for SPAR (Shreveport Parks and Recreation) were cut by the necessary $3 million.

With all of this in mind, we may safely assume that the number of such violations of the public trust committed in this and other such ways is significant.

More directly, we should remember this episode when we vote in November. No one should believe stray projects – think Cross Bayou Point – cannot / will not be funded with this bond issue money, if this passes.

Again I say, our best chance to stop this awful-government train for a good-government overhaul was a postponement until next spring.

That went out the window when the vote of Republican Councilman Flurry was “lost.”

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