… Thursday, April 27, 2017 … 9:34 P.M.

The Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Caddo Parish voted last night against all four Caddo Parish property tax millage raises / extensions on Saturday’s election ballot.

Parker Ward, the Chairman of the Caddo Parish party, noted in a news release that the vote was unanimous, and further commented,

“This Party believes that taxation is theft. Caddo Parish residents are already burdened with taxes, why keep renewing? We ask our voters and all other lovers of liberty to reject these four measures on the ballot this Saturday.”

Ward also said the Party opposes the new “pet tax” the Commission has lined up for an approval vote (by Commissioners … no public vote) just after Saturday’s election.


Taxpayers who oppose the Caddo Commission’s subject tax hike / extension to be voted on Saturday likely – and without their knowledge – will pay to turn out many “YES” votes.

In staging its 2-to-5-years early vote on these four property taxes, the Caddo Commission substantially raised the budgets of parish government departments and agencies it funds.

Specifically, compared to 2015 …

… 14-of-14 of these departments / agencies are this year scoring an overall +13.4% spending increase … some as high as +26.6% in that single year.

These budgets are used, in part, for salary increases of employees, and are, of course, funded by Caddo taxpayers.

As some have reported, those salary increases stand a good chance of being linked to work in passing this tax package.


Readers, beginning this afternoon, are reporting they can no longer “Share” my Facebook articles on these Caddo Commission subjects.

I note that has never happened on my page before, and this began soon after the number and ratio of Shares-to-Likes of my articles easily eclipsed any such measure in the years I have been posting on Facebook.

***If this happens, go to the article also posted on the Real Shreveport FB page, and share it from there, perhaps. Those who care to may also read and send links of the articles to Friends on

How someone – as if we don’t know which bad actors are prime suspects – attacks a FB page in that way is not anything I understand.

I have received no messages of any kind from Facebook regarding any of this.

My apologies to all who are being stopped in their attempts to share.


A group calling itself “Put Caddo First” has a fancy-schmancy online presence to boost the Commission, its tax-happiness and other assorted outrages.

The law is very clear in forbidding any public body to spend taxpayer money for “advocacy” of any position taken by that body, tax-promotion notably included.

The Commission will, of course, say it isn’t theirs because such is illegal.

Well, here’s how that group identifies itself:

“Put Caddo First is a citizens advocacy group in support of making Caddo Parish a safer and more desirable place to live.”

That’s about as transparent as the Commission, which is to say, not.

One way or twenty, we can all be certain that taxpayers are paying for it.

© 2017 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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