A lot of years ago, a throw-away line in political banter was “the political 3 Rs: the rigid rod of reality.” Nowadays, various online acronym finders and the like show an updated reference to the subject point …

… “RBTRROR”: reamed by the rigid rod of reality.

The subject lesson is expressed in various ways in political life. (President Obama, for example, once accused then-VP Joe Biden of getting “over his skis” on the issue of gay marriage.)

No matter how much we wonder about Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins deciding to run against U. S. Senator Bill Cassidy, that class is now dismissed: Perkins was drubbed by Cassidy … 59% to 19%.

Our mayor was indeed RBTRROR.

Meanwhile, back at our Shreveport salt mine, those who care are wearing down … and many have been worn out … checked it to us … moved away.

Back in July, when we learned of Perkins’ unthinkable decision to kick Shreveport to the curb, here is what I wrote in pertinent part:

“Yes, indeed, elections have consequences. No matter what happens in the one between Senator Cassidy and Perkins, the City of Shreveport and we who pay the taxes to keep it afloat will be of less and less concern to our elected ‘leader.’

Adrian Perkins just made it official: he has never cared one tiny bit about Shreveport. He was never here to care about Shreveport. He serves two masters: his political party and his ego.”

Now and still, my thinking and opinions begin with that second paragraph.

So, what will Perkins now do, given that he could not care less about Shreveport, and his future in politics is … uh … limited.

Here is my advice, which is also a prayer for my Shreveport hometown and residence …

… If Joe Biden’s epic lesson in political dark-arts ends with him in the White House, our mayor should – unquestionably and without a doubt – score a new gig in D.C. To keep him off the public payroll, I suggest something with the Democrat Party.


… A new gig for Perkins with his Democrat friends and allies in New Orleans / Baton Rouge.

There is no doubt about it: Shreveporters who care would do very well to promote, in any possible way, Perkins’ stepping down and away.

In absolute truth, however, there is this: given some of the names already circulating as replacements, there is no guarantee Shreveport will do better.

My attention, therefore, would be focused on one thing more than any other: a mayor who logic would deduce is a real and actual “Shreveporter.” That is, a current resident and native with a working knowledge of just how much trouble our city is in … and how we arrived at this point in time.

To that would-be mayor, I put it this way: if you want to be mayor to pilfer the city’s money for yourself and friends, just move on. Most of us here are now awake.

As it stands, corruption takes a stronger hold on Shreveport each and every day.

Over and over … and over again … our City Hall is wrapped up in some drama or another which is designed to illicitly enrich one or a dozen scammers.

© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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