Tuesday, December 12, 2017 … 10:07 A.M.

The Scott Pernici and Michael Wainwright lawsuit in Caddo District Court concerning City of Shreveport water and sewer underbilling has been dismissed.

A combo of linked lawsuits in the matter has revealed and detailed a City Hall corruption machine – long- and well-known to local law enforcement, prosecutors, and courts – involving water / sewer services and related public contracts.

Regardless, had this lawsuit been decided in favor of the two plaintiffs, taxpayers might have been on the hook to those plaintiffs for up to $1.8 million to find / disclose / correct this systemic failure in and by City Hall.

(SEE links for today’s reports from KTBS and KSLA news, below.)

As Mayor Ollie Tyler’s news release crowed about her success in the lawsuit, she forgot to mention her point-blank admission in a key lawsuit deposition that Shreveporters are lucky if accurately billed for these most basic city services.

More to the point, there has been no attempt by Tyler to in any way address the runaway, criminal corruption at the core of this civil litigation. (SEE link #3, below.)

The Cedric Glover / Ollie Tyler administrations, one and the same in so many such ways, control corruption engines like the Architect & Engineering Selection Committee which passes out publicly-funded contracts to “friends,” including some at issue in the subject lawsuit.

As the KTBS reporting trio Vickie Welborn, Gary Hines, and Shon Gables stress in today’s online article …

… “But the inquiry into the issue may not be over. Federal authorities are asking questions about whether companies seeking lucrative contracts with the city of Shreveport were subjected to outside influence peddlers promising access at city hall, KTBS News learned in October. The water billing lawsuit shined a light on what some companies have done to get city business.”

Tyler backs the “A & E Committee” to the max.

One of the Committee’s two civilian members is Tyler / Glover backer and campaign contributor Linda Biernacki, and the other is Committee chairman David Aubrey.

Aubrey somehow gets away with living in St. Gabriel, Louisiana, and working in Baton Rouge. (SEE link #4 below.)

As for the plight of Shreveport water and sewer customers who provably have no idea what they are being billed for water and sewer (and garbage collection and any other) services …

… we have Mayor Glover / Tyler to look out for us.

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