KTBS-TV News: Mayor Tyler’s Water Under-Billing, Document Breach

November 16, 2016

Late this afternoon, KTBS Television posted on its website another story about the unprecedented breach by Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler and City Attorney William Bradford of some of the city’s most sensitive, confidential public records.  Triggering the stunning collapse is the yet-developing water and sewer under-billing scandal.

This is the story which was the subject of my articles last Friday and an addendum two days ago, and focuses on like points of this still-emerging story.  At its core is Mayor Tyler’s intended – and illegal – new $12.00 per month garbage collection “fee,” which is actually a tax.  She intends to force it down taxpayer throats by way of a City Council vote scheduled for next Monday.

Any residents who attempt to side-step the new tax by handling their own garbage will have their water service turned off.

KTBS Asst. News Director Gary Hines closes with this quote:

“In the city’s annual State of the Municipal Infrastructure report, the city engineer made a “conservative” estimate of $74 million a year is needed for infrastructure replacement.”

This is new hokum from Mayor Tyler, yet more of it which – steady as a drumbeat – decries how little money City Hall has.  In point of fact, and in addition to the normal street repair expenditures in the city budget every year, the City has taken in an extraordinary $525,000,000 for those same purposes in 2011 and 2014.

Taxpayers handed the last mayor $175,000,000 for those very purposes in a 2011 bond issue, and will hand over another $350,000,000 to do that work from its 2014 Consent Decree with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The latter amount will come from steadily – and steeply – increasing water and sewer bills through 2022.

Total city spending for 2016, according to Mayor Tyler on the city website, will be $491,000,000.  Much of the extraordinary $525,000,000 has yet to be budgeted, much less spent.

Taxpayers of Shreveport appreciate the coverage from KTBS, here.


… to be continued …


Elliott Stonecipher


©  2016   Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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