Tuesday, October 3, 2017 … 10:49 P.M. …

Shreveport’s KTBS Television News is confirming that the U. S. Attorney’s Office and FBI are questioning various city officials in a probe of shakedowns and kickbacks at City Hall, including the administrations of Mayors Cedric Glover and Ollie Tyler.

Investigative journalists Shon Gables and Gary Hines open their report this way …

… “Federal authorities are asking questions about whether companies seeking lucrative contracts with the city of Shreveport were subjected to outside influence peddlers promising access at city hall, KTBS News has learned.”

Here is the KTBS story link:

Stunning deposition testimony to Shreveport attorney Jerry Harper by various City Hall top players has grabbed the attention of federal investigators. The depositions are a part of the water-under-billing lawsuit against the city by Sand Beach Properties, LLC, owned by Scott Pernici and Michael Wainwright.

As with my reports over the past ten days, KTBS focuses on key players most directly associated with Mayor Glover. However, at least two of those – Lynn Braggs and David Aubrey – have worked in either the campaign or administration of Mayor Tyler, as well. (SEE article links below.)

Aubrey – particularly close to Glover – has chaired the City of Shreveport’s Architect & Engineering Selection Committee (“A & E Committee”) for Glover and Tyler. Inexplicably, he now does so regardless that he works full-time for a company in Baton Rouge.

The KTBS story includes this very revealing segment involving the city’s Chief Administrative Officer, Brian Crawford, who has held that top staff position for both Mayors Glover and Tyler:

KTBS story:
Tyler has distanced herself from Braggs. But she and her top aide, Brian Crawford, downplayed the payment issue in a videotaped deposition in the Pernici suit.

Sand Beach, LLC, Attorney Jerry Harper:
If Mr. Braggs has testified that he has a financial relationship with engineering companies that are doing business with the city, do you think that would be important?’

Brian Crawford:
‘I don’t know of any relationship with Mr. Braggs with an engineering firm.’

Jerry Harper:
‘Would you answer the question, sir?’

Brian Crawford:
‘No, I wouldn’t find it to be important.’ ”

… To be continued …

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