Friday, October 13, 2017 … 7:35 P.M.

Stuart Lichter came to Shreveport today.

Some of us locals, we now know, are not on his favorites list.

For any who do not recognize the name, Lichter is the mega-rich (we are told) owner of Industrial Realty Group, LLC, and a Director of Elio Motors.

Here for another meeting, Lichter met first with some of our Industrial Development Board members and others – including only one Caddo Parish Commissioner – and took the opportunity to explain how it is that some of us are messing-up the Elio Motors deal.

Yep, us.

Always slick as owl stuff, Lichter’s pointing at some of our pols is accurate, but the rest is scapegoating.

We needed MORE – not less – honest and direct media coverage which was NOT dictated by hidden “leadership.”

In her report now on the KTBS News website, Shon Gables includes these Lichter comments:

“I’m spending millions of dollars trying to make that happen and I have people throwing arrows at me and I don’t care about people throwing arrows at me. I care about the fact that it’s destructive to our efforts to make this facility successful.”

“You guys have become what I call a circular firing squad and it has not been helpful.”

Nick Lawton of KSLA News reported as well, and here is one of his tweets during the meeting, followed by a Lichter quote in Mr. Lawton’s online report:

“Industrial Realty Group CEO Stuart Lichter said he has never felt ‘less supported’ on any project than the GM plant in Shreveport.”

“The bad news is that what you don’t have is the infrastructure and the community around the place and the distance,” Lichter said. “They focus on the suppliers being close to them. When we look at the auto market, and we’ve had a number of those people here, the reaction we get is ‘Oh, my God, the plant is fantastic if you could pick it up and move it.'”

Here is the KTBS News report by Shon Gables:

Here is Nick Lawton’s KSLA News report:

For the record, Lichter did not mention how much money he has made or lost on the deal.

But what I find most interesting in Lichter’s stuff is how much it sounds like what our hidden “leaders” say about this deal.

They sing from exactly the same hymnal as Lichter / Elio / IDB / guilty Commissioners, always notably beating up “naysayers” on social media … like our mayor does … like our City Council members do … like Caddo Commissioners do … like in-on-the-deal media do.

Just so happens those are also the ones who cannot find a single corrupt public official here.

Imagine that.

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