I cannot remember a time in my life when our nation’s political goings-on were as disturbing. Thank goodness the shocking darkness is counter-balanced by a mitigating hopefulness.

First, let me take out the garbage.

(It would not surprise me if I am somehow punished for this piece by Facebook. Thank goodness, I am not also a tweeter by way of Twitter.)

As a fierce defender of the First Amendment, the choice by Twitter / Facebook to block release of the Hunter Biden email expose by the New York Post is just plain breathtaking.

(Detailed facts here:

Politically right, left or center, Americans like to believe we get to judge the facts of anything reported by any person or group.

Now we know – for certain – that neither Twitter nor Facebook believe that. Protected by our government, these players manipulate rights of users and judge what we see and consider.

None of them need bother arguing with me that they are “a platform, not a publisher.” No one whose article posts have been manhandled by these political partisans is confused about that.

The New York Post is the fourth-largest daily newspaper in America, first published in 1801. It has emails and scads of other stuff which apparently prove that former Vice-President Joe Biden is stone-cold corrupt by way of his role in his son’s past “business dealings” with Ukraine.

Knee-jerk, Twitter and Facebook nixed sharing of the subject facts … presumably protecting Biden from anything which might endanger his election. Net/net, pure censorship and bias.

The Post and Fox News, both Murdoch family interests, informed all who cared to know.

Tip-toeing in the shadow of Twitter / Facebook are such players on the political left as ABC-CBS-NBC, the New York Times, etc. Zero surprise there.

Liberal or conservative, each and every American who cares knows such censorship cannot be permitted. What we have learned in the past three days has finally forced these offenders into the light.

In my heart, as we used to say, I know this: if these players are not remarkably sanctioned, America will never be the same.

This is NOT something anyone should shrug off.

* * * * * * * *

By way of American conservatism, the counter-point to the Twitter / Facebook outrage is simultaneously rolling-out.

I first followed the Supreme Court selection process of Justice Thurgood Marshall when I was in high school. If approved by a majority of the U. S. Senate, Amy Coney Barrett will be the twentieth Justice since appointed.

Put simply, never in my years have I “met” via reading / studying as impressive a possible U. S. Supreme Court Justice as Ms. Barrett. As it is often put, she “checks all the boxes” in meeting that extraordinary list of qualifications critical in today’s America.

Ms. Barrett should, next week, become the newest member of the Supreme Court.

As unimaginable as it is, the Left could emerge from next month’s elections with control of the White House, U. S. Senate and U. S. House of Representatives. Obviously, preventing a simultaneous take-over of the U. S. Supreme Court by “packing” it is absolutely abominable to many of us.

In such a battle, I believe it would matter that Justice Barrett is on the Court.

© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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