Yesterday – Tuesday, September 22, 2020 – I wrote and posted an article about the Shreveport City Council meeting. (See it immediately below this message on my Facebook Timeline.)

As I write this Message – 19 hours later – only 12 Facebook Friends have seen / read / in any way reacted to that post.

In the normal course of researching / writing / posting these articles on Facebook, 125+ reader reactions (“Likes”) would be nearer the norm in that time period.

Specifically, the reactions (total “Like – Angry – Wow” clicks) to the previous four articles were, in order, 157, 229, 199 and 319.

With the help of two of those who have responded to my article last evening, it seems Facebook has ceased notifying my Facebook Friends that I have posted a new article.

The title of yesterday’s article included Shreveport Mayor Adrian PERKINS’ last name, as have two others of the past five articles / posts.

In the same context, one article among the past five included the words “TRUMP v. BIDEN” in its title, and one article included “WHITE HOUSE” in its title.

Upon posting the article which included “TRUMP v. BIDEN” in its title, Facebook – for the first time in all my years of posting articles here – alerted some readers that it included political content.

None of these articles promoted either presidential candidate, of course.

Given what now appears to be the case, this message may not be seen or reacted to by regular readers, either.

Obviously, we cannot know or say what explains this. It may be that in order to read my articles, readers must check on my page until one is posted. On the other hand, it may be that political censorship is the issue.

PLEASE react to this message with a “Like or Angry or Wow.” Based on that response, I will know far more than I do now.

© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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