Late last evening, a person posing as a new FB “Friend” used his moments on my page to chastise me for my recent use of the term “the Shreveport exodus” in one of these articles.

As many readers know, I began banging this drum here going on four decades ago. I do so both because it is data otherwise hidden in our city’s normal course of business, and it is an easily understood barometer of Shreveport’s health / sickness.

For the record, below is the official data. I have broadened the time period to fully demonstrate the point, beginning the year before I was born in Shreveport.

The U. S. Census Bureau is my source … i.e., these data are not something I gather and study because I am so often bored. The 2011-2019 counts are the Census Bureau’s official Population Estimates, and the soon to be 2020 Census data will (supposedly) be a decennial head count:

1950 127,206

1960 164,372

1970 182,064

1980 205,820

1990 198,525

2000 200,145

2010 199,311
2011 202,327
2012 202,347
2013 200,469
2014 198,259
2015 197,001
2016 194,672
2017 192,023
2018 189,360
2019 187,112

Between 1950 and 2019, Shreveport’s population has risen +47.1%, and it climbed steadily through 1980.

Between 1980 and 2019, the count of residents has dropped -18,708 … – 9.1%.

Our population bounced between 1980’s peak of 205,820 and the 2012 official estimate of 202,347 – a range of 3,473 people.

According to the Census Bureau, the exodus I mentioned then kicked-in: losses have been recorded every year since that 2012 count of 202,347 … now down to 187,112.

That 2012-2019 Census Bureau estimate is a loss of -15,235, or -7.5% … in seven years … dropping every year.

Shreveport’s population must find a bottom … if not a recovery. What the City is now doing is killing it.

The definition of the word “exodus” is “a mass departure.” I consider these data to be evidence of a mass departure.

The FB not-friend who triggered this article is a very wealthy member of the City’s “leadership.”

Shreveport’s “leadership” has, throughout my adulthood, taken great exception to my public sharing of population and/or taxation facts for a simple reason …

… because doing so might report a population exodus.

In fact, however, Elliott Stonecipher not only reports such facts, he works non-stop to report what noted “leaders,” no matter their station, want hidden.

No city in Shreveport’s fix should ever – ever! – elect politicians who don’t give a hoot in hades what happens to us. For any who do not know, the bulk of the subject campaign contributions come from many of the same leaders who want a lockdown on such facts as these.

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