Friday, August 18, 2017 … 7:33 A.M.

In mere hours last evening, Shreveport residents began reacting to a KSLA-TV news story many of us find almost unbelievable. Here is the link to that report:

Tyler and others on her City Hall team, including the police chief, were trying once again to defuse the issue of our currently-rising crime.

I detailed the seriousness of that issue in my article last week:


Yes, Tyler was answering a question about our long-time, non-profit Shreveport-Caddo Crimestoppers, and did not even know that its top exec, Jim Taliaferro, was standing to her right.

As Taliaferro – present at the invitation of City Hall – attempted to make comments to assist the Mayor’s answer, she did her “Tyler thing” of shutting him up.

As Tyler embarrassingly leads him away from the microphone, she suddenly thinks to ask him who he is … and when thus learning her error, decides to let him talk.

The clip is certainly very difficult to watch … as questions about our mayor – and thus our city – multiply.

In fact, as I have previously explained, our mayor is so isolated, and so anti-transparency, and so defensive, and so NOT in possession of necessary skills that this very revealing moment happened … and stares us down.

In a piece posted last night on social media and his website, Will Broyles includes a link to the list of people here who in 2014 donated the big bucks to make Ollie Tyler mayor … ignoring important reasons not to do so.

As Will knows, many in that list handed over their money simply because our hidden “leaders” sent word to them to do so.

No study. No contemplation. No worry. Got the message … sent the check.

That, no matter what anyone may say to the contrary, is how it’s done here … and has been for the better part of our recorded history.

The wealthiest few decide, write checks, and sit back to wait until the next time.

Of course, a lot of people profit from such cozy relationships with mayors, here as elsewhere. The resulting corruption is now one of Shreveport’s main, unaddressed features

Other than those very, very, very, very few profiteers, and regardless of an equally few of us who fight all of this brokenness, too many others here are along for the ride … or, rather, the slide.

In a year and a few months from now, all of that will have played out again, and we will have elected / re-elected a mayor.

So, here and now, it is past time for those who care to worry.

Serious and seriously financed mayoral challengers who are honest and good and decent should already be campaigning.

Alas, they are not.

So, regardless of anything and everything else we may be thinking about the KSLA clip, we should most honestly be acknowledging that what caused it is set to happen again.

© 2017 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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