I have felt no such hope for our nation in a considerable period of time: the United States Senate voted last evening to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court.

Based on my personal study, I could not be more proud that Justice Barrett is there.

Neither can I be more disgusted with (too) many of her opponents in both the Senate and the mainstream media.

Highlighting the nauseating side of things were Hawaii Senator Hirono’s verbal exclamation of “Hell, no!” when she cast her vote against Justice Barrett, and the decision by CNN and MSNBC to blackout any coverage of the events.

For the record, I felt particular disgust with CNN and MSNBC because we all understand very, very well that they ply their hellishly destructive trade purely for money. I often ask myself what it must feel like to attack America in the name of TV advertising profits.

Most sincerely, I pray for Justice Barrett and her family, and for those who provide security protection to them.

Some Facebook “Friends” have been leaving my page since I recently began writing more articles about national political goings-on. I fully understand how much hate there now is flooding into and through American politics … and life.

For those who do not know, Christians pray – sometimes publicly – when we deduce that sanity is giving way to the insanity we recognize and know to be hate.

Such prayers, when real, begin with one’s own humbling.

Clearly, there is precious little humbling in and around politics, and even less in and around those who have in so many ways openly expressed hatred toward Justice Barrett and her family.

* * * * * * * *

Last week, a close family member of a friend checked to see if I had posted a new article. That person was then warned by FB that I am a bad guy … possibly even a member of a particular worldwide hate group.

Here is the subject Facebook warning, and I use asterisks to hide the group’s name:

“This Search May Be Associated With Dangerous Content
This search may be associated with a dangerous conspiracy movement called *****. Experts say ***** and the violence it inspires are a significant risk to public safety. For more information about ***** go to the Global Network on Extremism and Technology website.”

For the record, I literally knew NOTHING about the cited bunch before FB suggested I “may be associated” with it. I literally had to research it first.

I believe such is defamation, but federal law offers no redress, and FB no longer offers so much as a phone number or email address for me to disabuse them of any such notion.

In context, I urge each of you to consider this …

… this is my personal FB page. If I offend anyone, that person is a FB Friend who asked to be here with us, and whose Friend Request I thus accepted. They need no protection or warning from FB or any person. They either leave or I remove them.

Therefore …

… if this FB page should disappear or be otherwise rendered unavailable, I will post a follow-up article on the RealShreveport.com website. (That is NOT the same as the old Real Shreveport Facebook page.)

© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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