Shape Of Shreveport – Episode 4 – Tale of Two Crashes

Shreveport has one of the most unique histories of any city in the United States.  Generations ago, events and people shaped what our city is.  One tremendous event with an impact still felt today is the plane crash of Wallace Lake.  This crash took the lives of several titans of regional and national industry that lived in our area.  The generation succeeding those business and civic leaders was tested in a way that no other community was tested.  The result left Shreveport searching for a new identity and some way to garner a new momentum.

“The generation following me could decide and execute and see the payoff in a relative blink of an eye.” – Elliott Stonecipher

Some semblence of momentum was garnered, but another crash of an economic nature loomed nearby.  When the price of oil and gas, Shreveport/Bossier’s biggest export, fell drastically within four months, it took down huge parts of the economy.  Banks, real estate and numerous other tangential businesses were left dealing with the havoc of revenue and profit declines.  Today’s Shreveport faces a crisis that must be answered.  This complimentary episode of Shape of Shreveport challenges all who live here to consider the call.  Will this be a city of the future, or a relic of the past?  Our decision is being made one way or another.

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