Sunday, April 15, 2018 … 9:43 A.M.

As some readers are aware, a cabal of local corruption boosters accuse me of “never offering solutions” for Shreveport’s problems.

It is an old and worn charge from “leaders” who have for decades socially and professionally punished any native who criticizes Shreveport … for anything … ever … anytime … any way.

They cannot accept that loving one’s hometown quite literally provokes what they so despise.

My solution is well known to these “leaders,” and they utterly hate it …

… Shreveport must quickly restore public confidence in leadership, possible only if and when leaders cease abusively taxing us only to use our hard-earned money to fund public corruption.


Now, mere days before a tax election which we have proven is against the law, would-be political hitters are “shooting the messengers,” my colleague Will Broyles and me.

To those of you who have responded on social media with support for us and our work, please know you are very, very important to us … and we sincerely thank you.

Last month, City Councilman Willie Bradford loosed this attack on us in the Shreveport Sun. On March 26th, he added a live, and thus official, 10-minute City Council battering, now followed by an op-ed in our daily paper.

That spiel brands as racist any opposition to taxes, including illegal ones. That Bradford signed it is no surprise. Many of us have long known race-baiting is the lone tool in his box.

I will never take that bait … for the most obvious of reasons.

Bradford yells “Racist!” in our community “theater” in hopes of boosting pro-tax voter turnout in the April 28th election … for the most obvious reason.

Joining him in this miserably manufactured moment is long-time ally, and one time lawyer, John Settle.

I have never written about Mr. Settle’s very serious destructiveness.

Settle has abandoned his anti-corruption posing, having recently attacked me for suing Caddo Commissioners to get back money they took from us for illegal retirement pay and salary hikes.

In his attack double-team with Bradford, he takes point in defending the unthinkably wrong-for-Shreveport, $1 billion hustle called Cross Bayou Point.

Those reading Settle’s latest anti-me screed certainly smelled him out. Their responses to his piece ran heavily in my favor and strongly against him … on his own social media platform.

Much more seriously, Settle has been repeatedly suspended by the Louisiana Supreme Court, Office of Disciplinary Counsel, since 2012, and can no longer practice law*.

After the 2014 mayoral race, he was fined $15,000 by the Louisiana Ethics Board for attempting to buy control of one candidate with heavy, illegal campaign contributions. (Readers may go to the “2” link below, Pages 13-14.)

Now, a like attempt by Settle with a candidate in the current mayoral campaign has been detailed to me and others.

Most seriously, the Louisiana Supreme Court has sanctioned Settle for his obsessive targeting of two sitting judges. In fact, one decision specifically cited his “threat of harm” to others.

In communities with no official racism or open public corruption, this Bradford-Settle would-be political hit would never happen, much less be officially boosted.

Neither these charges of racism, nor unhinged political hitters in our midst, change anything. I love my hometown … and will fight what is killing it.

© 2018 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

* Readers may go to www.ladb.org/Search/ and enter “John Settle.”

2. John Settle, Louisiana Board of Ethics

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