HB 667: Who’s in charge of City Hall? Tyler admits it’s Glover!

Our local politicians and media have been completely exposed.  The media now jumps into the HB 667 issue that first appeared in Elliott Stonecipher’s article (here) and exploded all over local social media faster than a cheap firecracker.  It should never be forgotten that our traditional media serves as a place for politicians to take cover… never to be held to account.  That traditional media is where elected officials go and successfully cloud issues without ever running the risk of their dishonesty being exposed.  This case is no different as local politicians finally begin to speak to their naturally upset constituents… carefully placating their constituents while never saying anything that would remotely be construed as offensive to our real mayor, Cedric Glover.

He is, after all, our real mayor.  That is confirmed by this salute from Mayor Tyler’s office statement released this morning that reads in part:

This bill (HB 667) is one that was authored by Representative Glover before he spoke to me about it.  I’m not sure who asked him to revisit the bill we did in 2015, but he contacted Tari with my office to inform her he had amended the bill that was passed in 2015 without my involvement. Rep. Glover wanted to know if I wanted him to move the bill forward.  After I read the digest of the bill, it was very similar to one I tried to get passed in 2015; therefore, I agreed to support his bill.  This was not a bill we worked on together, but it is needed as my statement indicates below. – Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler

The obvious takeaways from this statement are that, a) Ollie Tyler somehow does not need to be consulted about City business when Cedric Glover is at the helm of the decision making, b) when told to, Mayor Tyler will go acknowledge she isn’t needed and salute Glover in his quest to create a new taxing entity in the name of “redevelopment”.

Glover/Tyler/Status quo defenders will attempt to drag opponents of HB 667 into a web of meaningless details and deliberate deceit intended to cloud the core of the issue here.  That core is very, very simple.

Cedric Glover wants to create a new taxing authority that will have 5 unelected appointments that are unaccountable to the voters.  A majority, three of the five appointments, will be made by the Mayor and will have the ability to call for tax elections whenever they want to… constantly subjecting voters to even more empty promises that never come true in exchange for tax hikes… or threats of hurting taxpayers through loss of needs and services if those tax elections are defeated.

Further, “redevelopment” is a nebulous term that will be adapted to whatever those in control deem to be necessary.  Think I’m exaggerating? Our mayor recently sought to have the Port of Caddo-Bossier run point on funding a $25m basketball arena.  Our BRF (Biomedical Research Foundation) is in the business of entrepreneurial “angel funds” and digital media, too… so what in the world couldn’t fit under the giant umbrella of “redevelopment”?  It appears most taxpayers totally understand this issue, and continue to share it in proud opposition of Glover and his puppet regime in City Hall.

SN: Thanks to opponents of HB 667 have continued to call the offices of Senators John Milkovich, Greg Tarver and Barrow Peacock.  This bill is being taken up this Thursday in the Senate.  My thanks to several friends on Facebook who have also shared contact information for those Senators in Committee that should hear from opponents of HB 667, so I included it here:

Senator Perry 337-643-6425

Senator John Smith 337-238-2709

Senator Mills – 337-845-4240

Senator Colomb – 225-342-9700

Senator Martiny 225-342-2366

Senator Carter-Peterson 504-834-7676

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