Governor Edwards’ “Honor Code” Disproved by Excellent Reporting

September 4, 2016

I recently wrote to spotlight journalism excellence in the reporting on South Louisiana floods by Gordon Russell of The Advocate newspaper, and Mark Schleifstein of the Times Picayune /

In their likewise excellent reporting this week, Gordon Russell, David Hammer and Maya Lau – reporting for the (New Orleans) Advocate / WWL-Television – lift the veil on Governor John Bel Edwards’ campaign claims that his West Point (United States Military Academy) Cadet Honor Code sets him apart from other politicians.
I highly recommend these articles to everyone.

In their reporting published last Thursday, Russell and Hammer powerfully detail how Edwards is mightily, perhaps illegally, rewarding at taxpayer expense his top political buddy, Taylor Townsend.  Here is their excellent report

…”Critics Say Gov. Edwards is Running His Own “Buddy System”:

Then, posted online yesterday afternoon, is Advocate reporter Maya Lau’s additional exposure of Taylor Townsend and Governor Edwards …

…”Top Donor to Governor Also Hired to Investigate Possible Improper Donations to Edwards, Other Politicians”:

It is ironic though not surprising that lofty assertions about the governor’s military “honor code” are so quickly and dramatically wiped-out.  Here is how simple, and powerful, that Code is:

“A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do.”

It is clear to me, after reading the excellent work of these journalists, that our governor has abandoned his Code.

Elliott Stonecipher



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