Friday, January 27, 2017 … 9:55 A.M.

Bia Roldan at KTBS-TV now reports that Lamar Goree – the one-time / sometime / when-he-wants-to-be Caddo Parish School Board superintendent of schools – is on the job again … for a while. Maybe. As best the lowly public can divine.

Roldan updates the state of Goree’s mind in a new report, including this quote from our richly paid public schools bossman:

“Staff is very aggressively working to determine what meets the needs of the district. At the same time, we’re determined to protect the neighborhood schools in the inner city parts of our city as much as we possibly can,” said Goree.

Regardless that Goree refers to himself as “staff” – a notable tool in his infamous box of trickeration – his decoded statement seems to mean he has decided to sometimes do that for which he is handsomely paid.

Goree – as I detailed in articles here last Saturday and this past Tuesday – had disowned any responsibility for the concoction of a long-kept-secret Fair Park – Booker T. Washington merger.

In the span of one week, the CPSB rolled-out the plan, held an eyewash meeting to break the news to we the people, and voted 8-4 to approve the “plan.”

While the board applied that eyewash, Goree warmed his seat.

CPSB member Larry Ramsey then took point in following public comments about the “plan,” as Goree tended his spot above the fray.

Goree’s ducking-and-diving included an email to education activist Brenda O’Brock in which he even more loudly washed his hands of the merger plan.

In fact, such proved to be pure claptrap, Goree’s usual and customary. Quickly, he was taped by another activist, Danny Imani, secretly explaining the “plan” to a select few at a local church.

Theron Jackson – a long-time local pol and now Chairman of our Metropolitan Planning Commission – is the numero uno man-of-the-cloth at the church.

Various local sources report that Jackson and his church are recipients of Title I federal money disbursed by Goree and his staff. Rather than deny that charge, Jackson said in a FB post that he wishes someone would produce evidence of the fact.

Given that Goree, system attorney Reg Abrams, and CPSB members are infamous for abuse of the Louisiana Public Records Law, it is safe to assume Jackson knows such Title 1 disbursement evidence will never see the light of day.

We should again note for the record that the Fair Park “assassination,” as it has been publicly named, closes no schools, i.e., saves taxpayers nickels and dimes, if anything.

Loud remonstrations from Caddo Parish public school defenders and apologists aside, the logical deduction from such bizarre official behavior is that the implosion of our public school system is accelerating.

Best case, system leadership is comfy-cozy as it openly and loudly breaks faith with the general public which funds it.

Perhaps we should charter a church and grab some Title 1 money. At least we could then attract the attention of our superintendent.

Here is the KTBS story:


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