“Georgia, Georgia, no peace I find.
… Still in peaceful dreams I see
The road leads back to you.”

Who can say what awaits our not-very “United” States with last Tuesday’s election behind us?

No one … not one single person … anywhere.

After all, untold millions of Americans already suspected political-Left election rigging before Election Day.

Such is precisely what we got.

What the Left has obviously ignored is how many Americans long ago stopped reading / watching / listening to Big Media / Big Tech. It is, after all, difficult to brainwash people who know the brainwashers are exclusively in the brainwashing business.

Speaking of the non-brainwashed, here is how “American Greatness” columnist Roger Kimball details what is afoot:

“… a good analogy for what just happened with the ballots in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, and North Carolina. Donald Trump was racing ahead just about everywhere. Midnight came, the polls turned into pumpkins, and lo! the miracle! Ballots by the thousands and tens of thousands suddenly appeared. And guess what? They all had Joe Biden’s name on them. According to the World’s Greatest Psephologist Nate Silver™, a tranche of 23,377 ballots suddenly appeared in Pennsylvania in the wee hours.

All of them were for Joe Biden. All of them. What are the odds of that?”

* * * * * * * *

Thus, legal challenges are shaping-up, with the typical and long-recognized vote thievery in Pennsylvania at the top of that list. Thankfully, our Supreme Court’s 5-4 “conservative” majority is intact. (That count already gives Justice John Roberts to the Left.)

While awaiting legal actions, we face presumptive Democrat control of both the White House and House of Representatives, and a hope – but not a fact – of Republican control of the Senate.

The Senate count of Republicans is now 49, with 48 Democrats / Socialists.

One of the three remaining seats is Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan, a Republican, widely expected to hold his seat, but with final vote-counting not set to resume until early this week.

With Sullivan, Republicans would hold 50 of 100 Senate seats, with the final two set for a January 5th run-off in Georgia … Republican Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler.

As I wrote during the wee hours of Wednesday morning after Tuesday’s election, those two votes loom large as large can be.

With 99% of the vote counted in Perdue’s race, he has 49.8%, short of the required 50%+1 vote.

Loeffler ran second in a crowded race, earning the chance to win the seat.

(Loeffler was appointed to fill out the term of former Senator Johnny Isakson when he retired for health reasons. Republican Governor Brian Kemp – who defeated Stacey Abrams for his office in 2018 – appointed Loeffler.)

If both Perdue and Loeffler lose, the resulting 50-50 Senate split would mean any and all tie votes would be broken by the Vice President … seemingly Kamala Harris. Senator Chuck Schumer would act as Majority Leader.

Should Republicans win either or both Georgia run-offs, they would control the Senate with 51 or 52 votes, compared to their 53-vote current majority.

All said, the Georgia election on January 5, 2021, may very well be a race-based op (as some have already publicly warned).

That hateful and dangerous turn could easily reduce America to a repeat of rioting and attached insanity.

© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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