Saturday, January 27, 2018 … 11:22 A.M.

When he spoke out last October on KTBS Television News, Shreveport City Councilman James Flurry grabbed the attention of everyone who stands against our culture of corruption.

Soon – he told me “in February” – Mr. Flurry will detail his plan to throttle a City Hall corruption engine: the Architectural & Engineering – “A & E” – Selection Committee.

If Mr. Flurry sticks to his guns, and three other City Council members help him, local government would finally and officially act against open malfeasance.

In October, KTBS reported Mr. Flurry’s intention this way:

“ (Flurry) wants to either eliminate or reorganize what is arguably the most powerful committee at City Hall.”

Here is the link to that excellent reporting by Shon Gables and Gary Hines:…/article_66bd9f9c-ad36-11e7-b645-5b46…

(The many other reports may be seen via links in my articles posted on Facebook and Will Broyles’ website. Most notable, in context, are articles in late 2017.)

The A & E Committee is now and finally recognized for its dominant role in City Hall wrongdoing. Mayors Ollie Tyler and Cedric Glover are equally culpable.

The Committee has steadily devolved for years, providing mayors legal and political cover. Reports of related shakedowns and kickbacks are legion.

Seven-of-nine Committee members are City Hall officials, and its two “citizen appointees” draw greatest negative attention. Glover holdovers, Tyler has pointedly kept David Aubrey and Linda Biernacki in those seats.

Chairman of this muck for nearly a decade, Aubrey is a very close personal friend of Glover, and does not even live in Shreveport. He is a legal / literal resident of St. Gabriel, Louisiana.

Ms. Biernacki is a personal friend of Tyler’s, as well as a contributor and fund-raiser to/for her campaign. And, as KTBS notes, her company, “… did a quarter of a million dollars worth of business with the city last year.”

The Census Bureau reports 148,529 Shreveporters over 18, but these two are the best for this task? ‘No way …

… especially since the law bars both of these members from being on this committee.


Here is the direct language from that law (VI. 3. Sec. 26-243):

“The mayor shall also appoint two citizens who are not city employees and who hold or have retired from executive or managerial positions in the business or financial community to the A/E selection committee, subject to their confirmation by the city council.

Initially, one of these individuals shall serve a two-year term and one shall serve a one-year term. All members appointed thereafter shall serve two-year terms.”

During Tyler’s term alone, Aubrey and Biernacki have held these seats for 3 years and 1 month.


This committee’s wrongdoing now floods with a white-hot spotlight a dark City Hall place.

Shreveport’s corruption sprawls there like an abandoned corpse. It is by now, of course, rotten and fetid and shameful, no matter how many responsible authorities and “leaders” swear they have never seen it … and are even yet unable to locate it.

The mayor violates the law, thus embracing the corruption.

What matters now is what our City Council, led by James Flurry, will do. He told KTBS “eliminate or reorganize.”

I put it this way: if this disgrace even continues to exist, no more civilian members, ever.

Only then will mayors be as they should and must: wholly responsible and accountable …

… which is to say, indictable.

© 2018 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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