In all the decades of my involvement in Shreveport government and politics, I have never been more surprised by anything any mayor has done.

“Absence of transparency” is newly demonstrated and defined.

Mayor Adrian Perkins has included himself among a group of nine mayors in America pushing to begin universal basic income in their cities. One of the nine is the mayor of Los Angeles.

The Forbes reporter, Rachal Sandler, updated her story yesterday. Here is the “Topline” as the magazine names it:

“Mayors in Los Angeles, Atlanta and nine other U.S. cities said Monday they will work to launch universal basic income pilot programs, a growing sign that political leaders are beginning to take the idea of guaranteed income seriously in the wake of the pandemic.”

Adrian Perkins has included Shreveport in the effort, making him / us charter members of what these elected “leaders” are calling “Mayors For a Guaranteed Income.”

Even our City Council members were clueless about Perkins’ inclusion of Shreveport among these nine cities.

According to the point-man of this group, the 29-year-old mayor of Stockton, California, the effort has been supercharged (my word) by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Here is the link to Ms. Sandler’s (brief) article:

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