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There is no limit, we all know, to news articles following the national elections last week.

Most of these are propaganda from Big Media sources, and many are banging the drum for all of us to fall in line and agree Joe Biden won.

In fact, as many of us know, America is not “there” yet. We need to see evidence that Biden legally won Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. (As stupid as the Fox News early call of Arizona for Biden is, I expect Biden will win it.)

That said, what I personally need to see, no matter anything else, is Biden’s actual, real / true involvement in his son Hunter’s corruption. In fact, his artful dodging of the issue during the campaign, with Big Media providing him cover, supercharged my concern.

Too, as I have stressed in recent days, my attention in the short-term is focused on the two Georgia elections of its U. S. Senators … on January 5, 2021.

Over the years, I have often recommended that we who care about facts / fairness are well-advised to check realclearpolitics.com each day for political reading material.

I note these current / recent articles on my list:

… Easy, Breezy, Biden Ignores Transition Drama

… Trump’s Vote-Count Lawsuits: The Election End-Game

… Fox News Betrayal: There’s a Question Hanging in the Air

… Internal Fox News Numbers Reveal Catastrophic Viewership Collapse

Speaking of the Fox News early call for Biden in Arizona, I know a thing or a hundred about such election-night, on-air “calls,” and what Fox News did was, and remains, inexplicable. Nothing that stupid is done without specifically pleasing some specific people / interest.

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