Saturday, June 16, 2018 … 10:01 P.M.

I learned long ago that over-the-top displays of raw political power by any public official always signal something worse.

Such an ugly, wide-open display continues at our Shreveport / Caddo Parish Metropolitan Planning Commission – “MPC” – as Chairman Theron Jackson works overtime to protect Director Mark Sweeney from his too-long-delayed dismissal.

For honest, abused local taxpayers, it is far past time for Sweeney to go, and for his oh-so-obvious protector, Jackson, to resign his appointment, too.

To understand this open abuse of official power, readers may revisit my directly related article of March 12th (SEE link below). I discussed there the screaming conflict-of-interest in Theron Jackson simultaneously being MPC Chair AND one of three top players in Cross Bayou Point … our city’s embarrassing and unacceptable “public/private” real estate development.

Worse yet, another of the nine MPC members, Curtis Joseph, is also a top Cross Bayou Point partner.

Those two, along with members Lea Desmarteau, Nancy Cooper and Winzer Andrews, are the controlling five MPC votes. On the four-vote side – the “losing” side, albeit for all the right reasons – are Bessie Smith, Dale Colvin, Alan Young, and Ronnie Remedies.

Cross Bayou Point should already be dead, of course, but the Shreveport City Council recently saved it from the trash heap of local government absurdity and lurking corruption.

If it proceeds from here, its frontline regulator will be … drumroll please … the MPC.

Yet, a possible re-do of Jackson’s recent (illegal) “approval” of a new contract for Sweeney is now in the mix, as explained in this very good report by Jon Du Pre of KTBS Television News:


An ethical and viable Shreveport / Caddo would see to it that Theron Jackson and Curtis Joseph are left to their Cross Bayou Point devices … with not one day longer on the MPC.

In that process, our current MPC Executive Director would move on to his next gig, too.

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Elliott Stonecipher on MPC / Cross Bayou Point, March 12, 2018:

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