… Posted: Tuesday, January 7, 2020 … 3:28 P.M. …


It seems the Shreveport City Council is set to take up Cross Bayou Point at its next meeting. Again.

That means Mayor Adrian Perkins and the sponsors of the scheme / scam need four-of-seven Council members to approve the City’s purchase of 88 acres of land for the project, price tag of which is unknown.

To boot, Shreveport taxpayers would be on the hook for the cost of decontaminating some of that acreage … another estimated $14,000,000 of taxpayer money.

It makes no sense at this point to describe any other details because they don’t matter … not really.

Shreveport, the sane ones among us know, has no business whatsoever being anywhere near such fiscal responsibility.

In fact, it is downright embarrassing that such a thing is even taken up by our City Council. That is in no way necessary.

Shreveport does not have any money for anything other than basics … “necessities” as they used to be called. Things like paying for police and fire, water and sewer and other absolutely required municipal services.

Speaking of which, Mayor Perkins is working overtime to prevent water and sewer customers from getting our money back for years of admitted over-billing by City Hall … $25,000,000 of such over-billing if not more.

Another piece of proof is the defeat by City voters two months ago of Perkins’ $186,000,000 bond issue.

Even more proof is the City Council’s rejection in September 2017 of a plan from ex-Mayor Ollie Tyler to spend $30,000,000 on a sports arena on Cross Bayou. That vote of the Council was unanimous: 6-of-7 voted “No,” and Councilman Jerry Bowman ducked out just before the vote.

In its report of that action, KTBS-TV said:

“The Shreveport City Council on Tuesday turned down Mayor Ollie Tyler’s $30 million sports arena proposal, acknowledging voter concerns that the city should make water, sewer, streets and basic city services a priority.
It was a stinging political defeat for Tyler, who promoted the arena and private development around it as an economic incentive for a city suffering flat tax revenue and a declining bond rating.”

There it is again: “water, sewer, streets and basic city services.”

Proof of the plain old nuttiness of today’s Shreveport taking on such a project abounds. The City cannot afford much of what it is already doing, mainly because it refuses to reduce the size of government and its services as population loss accelerates.

Why, then, is this hair-brained scheme up for discussion, much less official consideration, that is, a vote of the City Council?

Because those who will profit from it have a good friend in our mayor.

Now, one mayoral staffer spends most of his time doing all that can be done – “all” that can be done! – to “convince” four or more Council members to approve this project, one which would be a laugher anywhere but here.

The oft-repeated line from City Hall is that Perkins “appeared” here one day to “become mayor” specifically to get three profitable-to-a-few “deals” done / financed: Cross Bayou, the re-do of water and sewer Consent Decree spending, and the now-defeated bond issue.

It is inconceivable to me that this thing could be approved anywhere … even in my Shreveport, Louisiana, hometown.

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