Court Decision Against Ed Officials is Huge…


….. Friday, October 7, 2016 …. 8:28 AM ….

Deep in the bowels of government abuses of every sort are costly and punishing wars to force public officials to produce our – the public’s – official documents.

Only rarely does the public learn of these nauseating fights to force such officials to legally act … and expose their own wrongdoing.

An article in today’s Advocate details one such notable battle against the State Superintendent of Education, John White:…/article_76e860ca-8bd9-11e6-996…

For every such victory here in Louisiana – and especially here in Shreveport and Caddo – there are many losses. The Louisiana Public Records Law is a very good one, so good in fact that public officials hiding their own wrongdoing are highly likely to spend a lot of taxpayer money to break that law … and defeat the very basics of governmental transparency.

Likewise, as we are being taught in the lawsuit attorney Whitney Pesnell and I filed against the Caddo Parish Commission, even direct, open, full-blown lawsuits to stop such official malfeasance face the same abuse of taxpayers and law.

Against this backdrop, the Caddo Parish School Board nowadays openly flaunts its refusal to follow the Louisiana Public Records Law. Such, in fact, is its new policy for handling requests under that law. Supt. Lamar Goree and his attorneys specialize in a list of ways NOT to produce documents as law demands. Their aim? Force citizens into court, and thus – maliciously – use public money to abuse those citizens.

A few years ago, Supt. White and our local government-in-hiding decided to meet privately to “negotiate” the CPSB’s – i.e., the public’s – maintenance of “F” graded schools which should have been transferred to the Recovery School District. They decided, in private, that our local board would keep those schools.

Not one citizen ever knew, much less had a chance to debate such a monumental decision. Just as in our lawsuit against the Caddo Commission, these local bosses – our government-in-hiding – felt perfectly comfortable breaking all associated laws of governmental transparency and citizen protection.

Now, in the subject case, a court has commented on John White’s disrespect for such citizen protections, and certainly not in his favor.

I certainly wish a court here – ANY court here – would do likewise.

Elliott Stonecipher

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