Friday, May 5, 2017 … 9:00 A.M.

Each person in Caddo Parish who cares what is happening to us owes it to themselves to watch pertinent parts (at least) of the video of yesterday’s Caddo Parish Commission meeting.

You will watch and see a corrupt and bereft of dignity body spew its awful poison in an open public meeting:

Commissioners truly believe that some few of us are at fault in their loss last Saturday … not themselves.

They have done nothing wrong.

What happened was due to “misinformation” opponents – we – put out.

The fact that what condemned them most came directly from their own corrupt self-pay, and from such documents as their own Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, has no bearing.

With seething arrogance and open displays of gross disrespect of the people, you will see in the recording why I say the Caddo Commission is a major cause of our community’s continuing and accelerating decline … a direct and worsening embarrassment of criminal official malfeasance.

No Commissioner – not one – simply accepted responsibility for their record of lawlessness and what it has brought them

You will hear one Commissioner say that their criminal CPERS theft has been twice adjudged to be proper. In fact, those judges instead say that no taxpayer has the legal “standing” to force Commissioners to do the right thing … to give back what Commissioners have stolen from us. Even that is now being appealed to one, possibly two, courts.

You will hear excuses. You will hear charges and bitterness against us. You will hear sarcasm spewed at citizens in a display the likes of which I have never, in my long career, heard.

You will hear lies – some so huge as to boggle the mind. You will hear arrogance of a sort and openness that no “stewards of the public trust” would – could! – possibly express.

No person better acts and speaks the Commission’s derangement and misfeasance than does President Steven Jackson – a product of ex-mayor Cedric Glover’s disgust for us. He was Glover’s right-hand man at one point, and is very close to him personally.

Watch and listen to Jackson at the video’s 39:05-to-39:30 time code to hear the first public mention of how the campaign of facts against these people was “fake news.” That, I learned, was someone’s charge against me and this page which was made to Facebook.

That charge somehow caused, at least in part, the inability of readers of this page to share articles I post here.

Then, in an 11-minute screed between 1:09:00 and 1:20:00, listen and watch Jackson’s disgust for any who oppose him / them … perhaps the best (of the worst) I have ever seen. Certainly so from such a young man.

… more later …

© 2017 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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