Community Elites’ Christmas Gift to Our Failing Schools… Lamar Goree

This past Tuesday’s Caddo School Board meeting marked the doubling down of the disastrous era of Caddo Supt. Lamar Goree… granting him a contract extension until 2018 (here).  While board members lauded the paltry gains of the district as if Caddo has risen from the ashes of a decent school district from our far past, they conveniently and intentionally overlooked the real legacy that Goree is staining our community with.

First, Goree failed at the Southeast Shreveport new school bond issue.  That election specifically targeted a spring date to ensure its chances of passing.  This bond issue was endorsed by just about everyone and anyone in the downtown Shreveport crowd like the Committee of 100, the Chamber of Commerce (here), and assuredly many of those who took over the school board via the CBCPAC/Citizens for Better Caddo Political Action Committee (here).  Those newly elected CBC backed candidates ALL voted to put forth the bond issue for a vote of the public.  The fact that the bond issue failed proved that most voters in Caddo weren’t buying the hype that Goree was hired to pitch… and they still don’t.  Only the elite “leadership” seem to buy the hype on Goree, and it just happens to be the hype ONLY they push.

Second, Goree and his administration has been marred with the theft coverup at Woodlawn High School, exposed by Elliott Stonecipher (here, here, here, here, here, here).  This incident showed the obvious deceit at play with the Superintendent… obvious to those who could tell his fear for protecting his job trumped honesty, transparency and accountability.

Third, Goree’s administration took part in a minimization and coverup of multiple arrests of teachers sexually abusing students inside of Caddo Parish Schools.  The most recent incident happened at Booker T. Washington with the arrest of Cleodis Bell, Sr. the Friday before this current school year started.  That victim is a mentally disabled young girl (here, here, here, here).

There are several other scandals (Bill Unsharpened/Title 1 Fraud!!!) of note plaguing the school system… but does one need any other consideration beyond a legacy of unanswered coverups of arrests for molestations by teachers of young children in public schools?

The Lamar Goree era is a full-blown disaster in full operation.  Some few of us have declared what is happening, and when this administration becomes the dumpster fire that burns down the block, none of us will take any solace in the fact that we warned so many, but so few listened.

So when that day comes, WHO owns the responsibility of what happens with the corrupt culture stranglehold evident in our schools?  The school board and those in the administration have the blame, but so do those CBC PAC members who took over this school board.  While some of these PAC members likely simply wrote a check when asked, a few were ACTIVE in their pursuit of owning the school board members and those like John Atkins and Ed Crawford wrote larger checks.  One would be remiss to not also note that carefully absent from documentation, but dead in the middle of the CBC PAC effort, was the Community Foundation of Northwest Louisiana’s own Paula Hickman.  Hickman was an instrumental player in the PAC’s conception with a consultant she asked for help (here).

Missing: One piece of evidence that a CBC PAC member repudiates or condemns a single bit of any of the aforementioned scandals.

Our corrupt culture has gifted an incompetent Goree with a career he’s proving unfit for… while thousands of Caddo children are largely given the gift of illiteracy and educational deficiency.  This particular stain will widely and publicly scar our community at some point and we should never forget the “good” people’s culpability in all of this when they arranged this from as much hiding as possible.

Here’s a list of monies into and out of the PAC (below), but a larger list of contributions beyond just the PAC can be seen in this Times article (here).

Name Amount
Contributions to PAC
Archer Frierson $1,000
Atco Investment Company LLC $3,000
Atco Investment Company LLC $4,000
Atco Investment Company LLC $10,000
Donald B. Wiener $1,000
Edward J. Crawford $1,000
Edward J. Crawford $1,000
Franks Management Company LLC $3,000
Franks Management Company LLC $4,000
Franks Management Company LLC $2,000
Franks Management Company LLC $10,000
John E. Atkins $1,000
Mark P. Sealy $750
McElroy Metal $1,000
McElroy Metal $2,500
Phillip A. Rozeman $2,500
Phillip A. Rozeman $1,000
Richard H. Bremer $300
Richard H. Bremer $500
Softdisk LLC $2,000
Sunflower Production LLC $500
Thomas E. McElroy Jr. $1,000
Thomas E. McElroy Jr. $2,500
Wilton Wade Sample $300
TOTAL $55,850
General Expenditures by PAC
Ashland Partners of Louisiana LLC $8,000
Ashland Partners of Louisiana LLC $8,000
Ashland Partners of Louisiana LLC $8,000.00
Ashland Partners of Louisiana LLC $8,000.00
Ashland Partners of Louisiana LLC $141.17
Ashland Partners of Louisiana LLC $8,089.60
BNB Systems $84.84
Campaign Finance $100.00
Heard McElroy & Vestal $1,590
Weiner Weiss & Madison APC $2,080.50
TOTAL $44,086.11
Contributions made to Candidates
Barbara Johnson Simpson Campaign $1,000
Barbara Johnson Simpson Campaign $1,000
Campaign for Denee Locke $1,000
Campaign for Denee Locke $1,000
Carl Pierson Campaign $1,000
Dottie Bell Campaign $1,000
Joy Walters Campaign $1,000
Kacee Kirschvink Campaign $1,000
Kacee Kirschvink Campaign $1,000
Larry Ramsey Campaign $250
Mary Trammel Campaign $250
Susannah Walker Poljak Campaign $1,000
TOTAL $10,500

CBC PAC Disclosure forms from Louisiana Secretary of State:






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