Closing arguments filed in dispute over LGBT-rights order

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Lawyers for Louisiana’s governor and attorney general have made their closing written arguments to a judge trying to decide whether Gov. John Bel Edwards’ LGBT-rights protection order is unconstitutional.

Both sides say their opponents didn’t present evidence to back up their positions at a hearing earlier this week.

Attorney General Jeff Landry wants to block Edwards from enforcing his executive order prohibiting discrimination in government and state contracts based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Edwards’ lawyer, Matthew Block, said Landry’s attorneys focused on whether the governor’s executive order is good policy, not whether it exceeds Edwards’ constitutional authority.

Elizabeth Murrill, representing Landry, wrote that Edwards’ team submitted “no evidence whatsoever” to support its claims the attorney general surpassed his authority by refusing to approve contracts with the anti-discrimination language.


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