Tuesday, March 26, 2019 … 7:50 P.M.

With all the surprise of tomorrow morning’s sunrise, the Shreveport City Council tonight approved yet another tax on its ever-dwindling population of taxpayers.

This time it was a $7-a-month garbage collection add-on, a basic service no mayor or City Council in known history had found any reason whatsoever to tax.

Thrown on the city’s political table by Mayor Adrian Perkins only two weeks after his swearing-in, his main tax-hike workmates on the City Council in this trashy endeavor were (Republican) John Nickelson and (Democrat) James Green.

Voting with Green and Nickelson to hit Shreveporters with yet another tax were (Democrat) Councilmen Willie Bradford and Jerry Bowman, Jr. Voting “no” were (Democrat) LeVette Fuller and (Republicans) Grayson Boucher and James Flurry.

** The NEWS FLASH, however, was not that vote, but the spilling of a heretofore secret: the Council (and mayor) fully intend to come back for more such tax increases … perhaps soon. **

Councilmen James Flurry, Grayson Boucher and John Nickelson all made remarks to that effect as the vote on the $7.00 monthly fee shaped-up.

Flurry, in fact, warned the citizenry of such by saying, “more’s comin’, more’s comin’,” referring to taxes on top of this $7.00 installment.

Following Flurry, Councilman Nickelson, with a clear tone of self-satisfaction, made such a remark. Finally, Councilman Boucher did also, explaining that he was voting against this tax both because “90%” of his district opposed it, and because other city employees were not included.

We can only imagine how large a tax is actually ahead us after what this Council majority, and the Mayor, see as this measly $7.00 monthly garbage tax.

When the smoke cleared, it was yet again obvious that Republican Nickelson is the handler in all of this, along with Perkins. Handling them, however, are the city’s faceless local “leaders.”

Both Nickelson and Perkins were almost totally unheard of by severely tax-abused Shreveporters until the men popped into view last summer to seek their now respective offices.

Their limited awareness of city affairs in no way impeded, however, their more or less immediate conviction that the city’s finances were in some otherwise unknown emergency need of more taxes.

That Shreveport homeowners already pay the highest property tax in the State of Louisiana and many other places matters not to those Shreveport “leaders” or, thus, their pols.

On the way to further taxing us, those responsible crafted this new tax as necessary for Perkins to claim it is, rather, a “fee.”

Rigging it as a “fee” meant we the people had no opportunity to directly vote it.

Historically, such rigging has been known to cause outright revolutions in some places … but not in Shreveport. Here, taxation is every bit as celebrated as our city’s runaway population out-migration.

© 2019 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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